I talk about this subject in the intro to today’s show, but its still bugging me.

Before I did this week’s interview with Kris Roe from the Ataris, I posted on Facebook if anyone had any questions for Kris. I got the usually snarky shit from all my friends. The one comment that really irritated me went a little like this: “Why on Earth would anyone interview you in 2012?”

Kris Roe and The Ataris hit it HUGE, and then they came back down that ladder. We’re going to talk with a ton of people who are on their way up the ladder, but the people I find most fascinating are the ones on the other side. The one who have fallen, or in the case of Kris Roe, chose to get off the ladder.  You’re not going to make that fall and not have a few scars.

I have scars, both physical and mental. I’m attracted to them, and the stories they have to tell. We are not our scars, but they are a part of us.

Would you rather hear Justin Beiber tell his life story or Danny Trejo? I for one would rather hear what Danny has to say.

So expect us to do more interviews with “Washed up has beens.” We’re still going to interview the up and comers, but the real meat and potatoes will always come from the old, beat up guys. They have all the best stories to tell.

What are your scars?