Baby Steps.

I’ve never been sure what to use this space for. I thought I would write witty anecdotes about life and the show, but every time I sit down to write something in this little spot, I’m usually still drunk or hungover and the words don’t flow out.

I’ve been a little bummed out this show hasn’t taken over the world yet. We’re averaging a small amount of downloads, but as with every parent, we want more for our kids.

I was having a little pity party for myself the other day at my day job. I sat back and listened to the wonderful Nerdist podcast, and that day’s guest was Mr. Conan O’Brien. He talked a lot about his early years and the uncertainty of his show and how it was almost always about to be canceled. He talked about how awful those first few shows were and the challenges inherit about making a daily show and how he had to learn on the job.

Then it dawned on me. These are my early years. I don’t want a thousand downloads an episode. This is just a reminder to myself, I’m still learning how to do this thing. I’m still figuring out the voice and the format of this  show.  Its kind of like playing open mics around town before you get to open for the nationals and before you tour your ass off for years and then eventually become the national. I want to skip all that and just be the national.

So Conan’s interview really helped me figure out my little place in the world and take off the pressures I’m putting on myself.

Why am I talking about this, you ask? Well there are a wealth of EXCELLENT podcasts out there. My favorites are the ones about creativity, and the knowledge and advice acquired seep into every aspect of my life.

This show is basically a rip off of WTF with Marc Maron, The Nerdist and a little known show, Making It With Riki Lindhome (Riki is one half Garfunkel and Oates.) If you guys are creative types, struggling with your inner voice, or maybe your friends telling you that you are wasting your time. Stop by these wonderful little podcasts and learn from the guys who have been there. You’ll learn a LOT.

Above all, my favorite piece of advice has come from an episode of Making it, in which Thomas Lennon  of Reno 911 & The State, speaks of his rules. The one that spoke out most to me was, “Do not ask permission, Just do it.” And no longer and I asking my friends If i should do this, or do that. I’m just doing it. Hence why i have T-shirts after only 9 episodes and Pint Glasses on the way.

So go take a little listen. They’ll make your day fly by as you become a fly on the wall listening to these actors, comedians,  authors and other creatives talk about their lives and creative process.