Best Friends Forever! Kris Roe from The Ataris and Dammit Damian

Best Friends Forever! Kris Roe from The Ataris and Dammit Damian

Hello Friends! We sit down with Kris in the Pinball loft room at Moe’s BBQ in Denver. The first few moments of the interview have some Audio issues, but overall the episode is GREAT! I’m super happy with it.

Big thanks to Danny Sax from Moe’s BBQ & The Gothic for helping to set this interview up. Killer guy and killer venues!

We open the show up with “All Souls Day,” off the upcoming Ataris album and currently on the 7 inch entitled “All Souls Day”/”Graveyard of the Atlantic.” You can find tha 7 inch over at: http://store.paperandplastick.com/products/6543

We close the episode with an acoustic take on the most loved Ataris song ever, “San Dimas Football Rules!” You can find that track on Kris’ “Pay What You Want.” Acoustic album, ” Hang Your Head in Hope ”  over at: http://theataris.bandcamp.com/

For more information about Kris Roe please visit:
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  • do me

    kris, do me!

  • do me

    oh and as much as i LOVE the ataris, kris roe acoustic is just fkn heavenly. i am in love with his voice. abso-fkn-lutely in LOVE with his voice.