Strange Days

Its bizarre how things work themselves out. For the last year and a half I worked at a failing dot com company. The job wasn’t awful, but it was mind numbing in such a way that it hurt to slow down my brain to their operating levels.

When I began working at this company, we would work ten hour days, four days a week. We were allowed to bring in our Ipods, and i had a slightly outdated 60gig IPOD with a broken screen. I quickly tired of the massive amounts contained on the device. I sought out something more, and that more lead me to the stand up comedy albums and spoken word performances that I had previously downloaded.

Henry Rollins spoken word lead me on a trek to find more. I had listened to a few Podcasts in during the infancy of the format, and I remembered that they were FREE, so I went off in search of some with Henry Rollins.

It was that search that lead me to Marc Maron and his WTF Podcast. Marc had a cool and conversational style, but with enough aggression that would suck the listener into this world that Marc created. I was hooked instantly. WTF lead to Doug Benson, which lead to Joe Rogan which lead to This American Life and the trek went on. My days flew by! The hours and hours rolled by.

Then my company laid off over half of its employees a year ago. In the aftermath I started questioning what I was doing with my life. I wanted back into the music journalism world that had welcomed an Oh so Naive teenager in the late 90’s.

I strung together a few of my old interviews and threw up what i call the Flashback episodes. They did not take off as I wished, but the bug lingered. I found myself with more money in my pockets. I bought a little bit of equipment and off we went… The Chuck Ragan interview, The Micah Schnabel episode and BAM! I was addicted. Here we are just a few short months later and this is all I want to do.

I love this. With my nice little severance package from that failed dot com, I’m going to sink even more money into this show. We’re going to take this bad boy to the next level. I couldn’t be more excited to leave a job, but the question remains…. If I didn’t have that job, would I have found these podcasts? Or maybe they found me….