16 – CORY BRANAN talks “Mutt,” Bloodshot Records, His Early influences, and his live shows Vs. Albums

Cory, Jesus called. He says you can keep the look. It looks better on you!

Hello Friends! We are back after taking a week off! This week we join Cory Branan at The Revival Tour in Denver, Colorado. I jump on the bus and talk to Cory about his newest record, “Mutt.” We talk the recording process. we talk his live show vs his albums. We talk about his David Letterman appearance, why it took him so long to release his new album and why he signed to Bloodshot records, his early influences and oh so much more! Cory Branan liked to TALK! (He’s also easy on the eyes!)

We open up the episode with the track “BAD MAN” from his upcoming Album: “MUTT.” Out May 22nd on Bloodshot Records.
We close the episode out with a LIVE recording of Cory Playing at Uncommon Ground in Chicago in 2007. The full recording can be found at: http://archive.org/details/CoryBranan-UncommonGround-Chicago-42107

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  • Great interview with Cory man. Keep up the good shit!!