Meet You in The Middle

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We also debut our new THEME song from our friends at BONER PARTY! Jarrod the mastermind of BONER PARTY is also in the Los Angeles band, Hiedi Askew. Check out the projects at:

Now you would think loosing my day job and getting a very nice severance package would motivate me to bust my ass and bust my balls working on this show.

It is interesting because working the dead end warehouse job for the failed Dot Com I worked for, I would come home after my 10 hour day and all I wanted to do was work on the podcast! Now I don’t have the job I HATE to influence me to better myself. Why is it I can bust my ass for others, but I can’t do anything good for myself? Its frustrating. I’m crazy.

We took last week off to give my brain some time to breathe. Doing an interview a week, and sometimes two or three a week, was slowly getting to me. I was phoning them in and not taking the time I needed to take to make them AWESOME! So I took some time off. Went to the amazing Old 280 Boogie in Waverly, Alabama and also Atlanta. Met the This is American Music gentleman. I met some other really awesome people and had a fantastic time not over analyzing questions I was attempting to prepare.

Even though this is the busiest time of the year for touring bands, we will probably be taking some more weeks off in the future. Not having a full time job, and living off unemployment makes it slightly more difficult to be in Denver every few nights to interview bands. Gas, Booze and food add up! Its gets expensive.

I’ll still attempt to keep the show on a weekly basis, but there may be some outages here and there! I’ll try to replace those with some more radio style episodes!

I have some other ideas in the works, so STAY TUNED!