Ratio Sessions: Small Brown Bike performs “In Need of Everything” at Ratio Beerworks.

Ratio Sessions with Small Brown Bike from January 23th, 2016

Small Brown Bike recording a Ratio sessions on January 23rd, 2016

Mostly Harmless has teamed up with Ratio Beerworks, Soda Jerk Presents and 8 Houses Down for The Ratio Sessions. The Ratio Sessions are a slightly different spin on the Npr Tiny Desk sessions, Daytrotter or Punks In Vegas acoustic video sessions. We took the idea of  intimate acoustic performances and decided to invite all our friends out to enjoy in the fun. It’s a great cross between an in-store appearance, meet and greet & a video series. Plus it’s a fun excuse to do some pre-show day drinking.

Our friends over at BrooklynVegan.com have premiered the latest video with Small Brown Bike! Back in January, the band were in town celebrating (and preparing) for their 20th Anniversary shows. They serenaded the crowd with a handful of new tunes and classics. The video features the track, “In Need Of Everything” from their 2011 album, Fell & Found. You can watch the full video at: http://www.brooklynvegan.com/watch-small-brown-bike-play-in-need-of-everything-acoustic-at-a-craft-brewery/

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Dammit Damian Visits Walker Stalker Denver fan Convention. John Carroll Lynch, Zach Galligan, Irone Singleton & Madison Lintz interviews

Hey all! So I got a random phone call from my friend, Kevin Hulse aka HeadAboveHeart photography last Sunday morning. It seems he had a media badge for Denver’s Walker Stalker fan convention! The pass granted interviews, but Kevin didn’t have anyone to do those interviews with him! I was of course super hungover from the night before of running a show at Illegal Pete’s and not prepared, so what else is new! I grabbed my tape recorder, drank a few bloody marys and headed out to the National Western Stockade where they were hosting this fan event. We headed down and I got a chance to harass John Carroll Lynch from American Horror Story & Fargo! Zach Galligan from GREMLINS! IronE Singleton from The Walking Dead & The Blindside! As well as the very lovely and charming Madison Lintz from The Walking Dead and Bosch.

Those short, sweet, hungover interviews can be found below:

Video: Mostly Harmless Punk Rock Talk Show with Eric Henderson, Gerhard Kaaihue & Muscle Beach. Recorded at Mutiny in Denver

Hey Gang!

The Mostly Harmless Live talk show events have been going incredibly well! I can’t believe how much people love this silly little thing I do. We’re booked out all summer at Mutiny Information Cafe for the second Thursday of every month! Not only that MH Live is going to be making an apperance (or SEVERAL!) at Denver Comic Con, and maybe a few other festivals across the country! I’m blown AWAY at all we’ve been able to do! Thank you for being a part of it! Special thanks to Mutiny and Ratio Beerworks for sponsoring these events!

Watch the video for our Second Live event above! The Guests were Comedian Eric Henderson, Comic Artist Gerhard Kaaihue and Musical Guests: MUSCLE BEACH! You can also download the audio for that episode at: http://mostlyharmlesspodcast.com/93-mostly-harmless-live-with-muscle-beach-eric-henderson-gerhard-kaaihue/

Other live episodes can be found at: http://mostlyharmlesspodcast.com/category/podcast/live/

Our next live event is April 9th at Mutiny with Special Guests Comedian Timmi Lasley, Comic Artist Jake Fairly & Musical Guests BLACK DOTS!!!

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Click Here to watch videos of Eric Henderson’s Comedy Set & Muscle Beach’s Live set


The infamous, World Famous, SQUEEGEE MAN from RIOT FEST 2014. Photo taken by Jacki Vitetta for New Noise Magazine.

The infamous, World Famous, SQUEEGEE MAN from RIOT FEST 2014. Photo taken by Jacki Vitetta for New Noise Magazine.

Riot Fest invaded Denver, Colorado for a second time over the third weekend of September. I was there in full force to cover the event for New Noise Magazine. My photographer and partner-in-crime, Jacki Vitetta and I had one hell of a weekend. We got chances to interview NEW FOUND GLORY, Spike from ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES & UKE-HUNT, Neil Fallon from Clutch, Andy Hull from MANCHESTER ORCHESTRA, Ross Hostage from ALLOUT HELTER, IN THE WHALE and Nostalghia! Not to mention the podcast interview with Steve Diggle from THE BUZZCOCKS! Check out those videos below!

 Again, many thanks to Jacki for filming all of these videos. Check out her Riot Fest Denver photos:
Day One: http://newnoisemagazine.com/photos-riot-fest-denver-day-1/
Day Two: http://newnoisemagazine.com/photos-riot-fest-denver-day-2/
Day Three: http://newnoisemagazine.com/photos-riot-fest-denver-day-3/

Make sure to check out all of Jacki’s photography at: jackivitetta.500px.com



VIDEO – KEVIN CONROY, The Voice of Batman discusses his early life influences and finding his voice, working with Adam West and the upcoming Arkham Knight Video Game


Hey buddies! I was fortunate enough to get a chance to interview, MY BATMAN, Mr. Kevin Conroy. For 22 years, Kevin has been THE VOICE of Batman for the majority of Batman projects set in the animated DC Universe. Of all the people I got to meet at Denver Comic Con, this was by far the most thrilling, and my most memorable moment of the whole weekend.

We chat with Kevin about how his early childhood life lends itself influence on finding the voice of Batman. Working with Adam West and Adam’s influence on his career. And we also find time to talk to Kevin about the upcoming Arkham Knight video game! All of this and more in today’s video interview.

VIDEO: Mostly Harmless Live with OLD MAN MARKLEY!

Hey budddddies! The Live episode we did on New Year’s Eve with OLD MAN MARKLEY went fantastically. I wanted to use this spot on the top of the webpage to highlight the video for all of you visitors! Check it out and if you are interested in downloading or listening to the episode, you can find it here: