Video: Mostly Harmless Punk Rock Talk Show with Eric Henderson, Gerhard Kaaihue & Muscle Beach. Recorded at Mutiny in Denver

Hey Gang!

The Mostly Harmless Live talk show events have been going incredibly well! I can’t believe how much people love this silly little thing I do. We’re booked out all summer at Mutiny Information Cafe for the second Thursday of every month! Not only that MH Live is going to be making an apperance (or SEVERAL!) at Denver Comic Con, and maybe a few other festivals across the country! I’m blown AWAY at all we’ve been able to do! Thank you for being a part of it! Special thanks to Mutiny and Ratio Beerworks for sponsoring these events!

Watch the video for our Second Live event above! The Guests were Comedian Eric Henderson, Comic Artist Gerhard Kaaihue and Musical Guests: MUSCLE BEACH! You can also download the audio for that episode at:

Other live episodes can be found at:

Our next live event is April 9th at Mutiny with Special Guests Comedian Timmi Lasley, Comic Artist Jake Fairly & Musical Guests BLACK DOTS!!!

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