Dammit Damian Visits Walker Stalker Denver fan Convention. John Carroll Lynch, Zach Galligan, Irone Singleton & Madison Lintz interviews

Hey all! So I got a random phone call from my friend, Kevin Hulse aka HeadAboveHeart photography last Sunday morning. It seems he had a media badge for Denver’s Walker Stalker fan convention! The pass granted interviews, but Kevin didn’t have anyone to do those interviews with him! I was of course super hungover from the night before of running a show at Illegal Pete’s and not prepared, so what else is new! I grabbed my tape recorder, drank a few bloody marys and headed out to the National Western Stockade where they were hosting this fan event. We headed down and I got a chance to harass John Carroll Lynch from American Horror Story & Fargo! Zach Galligan from GREMLINS! IronE Singleton from The Walking Dead & The Blindside! As well as the very lovely and charming Madison Lintz from The Walking Dead and Bosch.

Those short, sweet, hungover interviews can be found below: