Whiskey and Wine

I’ve been drinking waaaay too much since losing my dead end internet warehouse job, but its easy to do. I have a giant bottle of Jack Daniels. I work at a bar. I go to about 20 shows a month. And the booze just keeps on coming. So that’s why this week’s episode is coming in the middle of the day rather than at midnight. I have no real excuses. I’m just busy enjoying my massive amount of free time. The train has to come to an end, and that end is soon… Thank God!

I got to meet my podcasting HERO, Marc Maron on Saturday night in Denver. I was star struck. I’ve met many, many, many “rock stars,” but if it wasn’t for Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast, I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now. I awkwardly approached his merch table. I don’t even know if I said hello. I just awkwardly thrust my Mostly Harmless T-shirt at him and exclaimed: “I started podcasting because of you! Thanks!”

He unfolded the shirt and looked at me, “Oh hey man! You emailed me! Sorry I never got back to you, you know how it is…” We took a photo, he appologized again for not emailing me back and said that next time he’s in Denver we’d try to set something up!

Then outside the venue He exited with his girlfriend, thanked us for coming out and wished us a good night. My week has been made. I’ve been celebrating ever since!

I'm trying not to Freak out while meeting my podcasting hero, Marc Maron from the WTF podcast!