Sleeping Weather

We’ve got some exciting things coming up! This week CHEAP GIRLS! We got some awesome LIVE VIDEO of IAN GRAHAM playing some Acoustic jams for us, and on top of that, we have LIVE AUDIO from their show at the Marquis Theater. Pretty gnarly, right? Let us know if you want MORE of that kind of entertainment!

Earlier this week we interviewed BROADWAY CALLS and talked about their new album. We were going to combine both interviews for one SUPER EPISODE, but I descided to wait a few weeks to get that episode up, and let it breath and grow in its own right, but damned it was a fun interview!

Tonight I’m on my way to the Black Sheep, here in Colorado Springs, to interview LARRY AND HIS FLASK! And although LUCERO’S PR people turned down an interview request I’m still going to try to hustle one out of BEN NICHOLS and some of that gang!

DIY Journalism, like what I’m pretending to do here, is all about hustlin, hustlin, hustlin! Thanks to you guys for all the support, you guys help bring my game to a whole new level!

Enjoy this week’s episode! Enjoy the warm weather! Enjoy!