13 – Ben Nichols of Lucero, Willy Tea Taylor & Dal from Larry and His Flask!

We had a battle of the beards, Ben Nichols won.

We had a battle of the beards, Ben Nichols won.

Helloooo Friends! Welcome to another exciting episode of The Mostly Harmless Podcast! Today’s episode is a triple threat with BEN NICHOLS from LUCERO talking about his earliest memories of Music, Critics and the new Lucero album: “Women and Work!”

Then shit really hits the fan when I forget to eat dinner and drink myself stupid and try to interview Dal from Larry and His Flask and their buddy Mr. Willy Tea Taylor. Its tragic in that I’m blackout drunk and make a giant ass out of myself. Thanks to Willy Tea and Dal for salvaging what I tried to ruin! There is still some pretty good info, but I can’t listen to it.. Ugh. So embarrassing!

Thanks to Mary, Travis Hill, and Jon Snodgrass for working to make sure I got an interview with Ben Nichols!

This episode contains LIVE TRACKS from the April 1st show at the Black Sheep! Lucero’s “Women and Work,” and “Nights Like These.” If you happen to know what the Larry and His Flask tunes are, please shoot me an email at mostlyharmlesspod@gmail.com and let me know!

We also include WILLIE TEA TAYLOR’s “Life Is Beautiful” from his album 4 Strings. That album can be found at: http://willyteataylor.bandcamp.com/


Our buddies over at THAT’S THE THING ABOUT THAT, have an excellent recording of the full show for a FREE download. Check them and their other most excellent recordings at: http://thatsthethingaboutthat.blogspot.com

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