51 – TWO COW GARAGE Live interview and acoustic taping at Mutiny Information Exchange!

Two Cow Garage let a homeless man ask them questions at Mutiny Information Exchange in Denver. They busked a few songs and donated the money to this down on his luck fellow! What sweethearts!

Two Cow Garage let a homeless man ask them questions at Mutiny Information Exchange in Denver. They busked a few songs and donated the money to this down on his luck fellow! What sweethearts!

TWO COW GARAGE join us for a very special episode of Mostly Harmless, recorded in front of a live studio audience at Mutiny Information Exchange in Denver, Co! There would not be a Mostly Harmless with Dammit Damian if it were not for Two Cow Garage.

I found myself on a week long road trip with Michael Dean Damron, who is an excellent solo musician who is also known for his time with the best southern rock band from Portland, I Can Lick Any Son Of A Bitch In The House. With Mike, I spent a week on the road following Two Cow Garage. We spent our nights in shitty, shitty, shitty hotel rooms drinking massive amounts of 3.2% beer and talking life the universe and everything.

When I returned to real life after those seven days, I had a hole inside of me and wanted to do more with my life than work a shitty job, so I picked up a tape recorder and started interviewing  musicians again, but with an emphasis on those conversations I had with Shane, Micah and Murph from Two Cow in those shitty hotel rooms. Micah was the show’s second guest and with his appearance we took off and things have not been the same since. This is hands down the best adventure I have been on, and I owe it all to Two Cow.

Two Cow were kind enough to join us at Mutiny Information Exchange for a short interview session and acoustic show. I was nervous as hell, but we managed to talk to the guys about their love of shitty beer, their relationships with fathers, their favorite moments of their 12+ year career and their new record THE DEATH OF THE SELF PRESERVATION SOCIETY!  

It was a fun adventure and we look forward to doing more live Mostly Harmless Episodes! Special thanks to James Freeman of That’s The Thing About That for the EXCELLENT recording! Check out his blog for more fantastic “bootleg” show recordings, including Two Cow’s Lion’s Lair Show! 

Check out these photos taken by Tiffiny Kallina from The Ruckus! http://www.whatstheruckus.com/2013/10/in-pictures-two-cow-garage-at-mutiny-information-cafe-denver.html

If you are interested check out our previous interview with Micah Schnabel from December of 2011 at: http://mostlyharmlesspodcast.com/episode-02-micah-schnabel-of-two-cow-garages-talks-im-dead-serious/

Songs on today’s episode include:

“Hey Cinderella” By Micah Schnabel
“Nobody Asked To Be Born” By Shane Sweeney
“Swingset Assassin” By Two Cow Garage
New Song By Shane Sweeney
“Strangers” (The Kinks) By Two Cow Garage

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