02 – TWO COW GARAGE’s MICAH SCHNABEL talks “I’m Dead, Serious,” his origin story, music as an addiction, life on the road and more!

Micah and Damian after the “I’m Dead, Serious” Denver release party.

Hello Friends! Welcome to the official launch of Season one of the Mostly Harmless podcast! Today’s episode we talk candidly with Micah Schnabel from Two Cow Garage. Micah and I talk our mutual music addictions and we travel to the dark place of life that influenced Micah’s new album, “I’m Dead, Serious.”

“Zen and The Art of Fucking Up Your Life” From Micah’s New album is played at the opening of the episode and Two Cow Garage’s “Jackson Don’t Worry” from their 2010 album Sweet Saint Me finishes the episode off.

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