TOONAGE – Episode 01 – No interviews Just a Rock N Roll Mixtape

No interviews here. Just music and ramblings.


Hello Friends! Today is the first episode in an irregular series of Podcasts dedicated to just playing music, oh and of course my infamous ramblings.

With the TOONAGE series, we will infrequently bring you music from artists who might be off your radar, and whom we think should BE on your radar! These are artists who might not be touring out to Colorado anytime soon, and for whom we might not be able to get as guests for a few weeks, months or years, but think you should know about NOW!

I ramble a lot in this episode. I’ve learned from that to keep it simple, and with the next TOONAGE, we’ll keep it a tad bit shorter.

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Artists Featured in TOONAGE Episode 01:

Boner Party – Mostless Harmly (Theme Song)
The Menzingers –  “Obituaries” – On The Impossible Past
Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires– “Everything You Took” – There is a Bomb in Gilead
Red Collar – “Dodge K” – Welcome Home.
The Lusitania – “Tributaries” – Rain and Rivers
Aficionado – “The Things You Like” – Self Titled
Hot Water Music – “Drag My Body” – Exister
Gaslight Anthem – “45” – Handwritten
Michael Dean Damron – “Creakin’ Ol Bones” – Nah Mr Death, I’m Coming for YOU!
Micah Schnabel – “In Pacific Time” – Live At The Tree Bar
The Only Sons – “Bully” – When The New Wears Off
Branden Barnett – “Verse, Chorus, Curse” – Verse, Chorus, Curse
Red City Radio – “Spinning in Circles Is A Gateway Drug” – The Dangers of Standing Still

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