17 – THE DROWNING MEN talk their Origins, their connection to Flogging Molly and their new record, “ALL OF THE UNKNOWN!”

Is it hot in here, or just these handsome bastards?

Hello Friends! We join our new friends, THE DROWNING MEN in the parking lot of the Black Sheep in Colorado Springs, CO. I make friends with the boys and we talk mostly about their origin story. How most of them became friends at such a young age and the things that shaped their lives into the men and musicians they have become. We also talk about their connection to Flogging Molly and how they have become the first band signed to Flogging Molly’s new record label, Borstal Beat Records, what it was like to open up for them night after night, and their new records, “ALL OF THE UNKNOWN.”

We open up the episode with the track “More Than This…” and we close the episode out with “Songbird.” Both from the band’s 2009 Debut, “BEHEADING OF THE SONGBIRD.”

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