Mostly Harmless LIVE interview and acoustic set with ARLISS NANCY in Fort Collins!

We’ve finalized the details for our next LIVE Mostly Harmless Podcast! Our next live show will take place on Friday, November 15th at the Surfside 7 in Fort Collins! I’ll be in town celebrating the release of my best good buddies, ARLISS NANCY’s newest album: Wild American Runners on Black Numbers!

This is a FREE event! Why not come down, enjoy a slice of Surfside 7 Pizza and enjoy a couple of beers while watching me get  in depth and personal with the boys from Arliss Nancy?!?  The show will begin at 5pm, We’ll do a short interview with members of the band followed by a short acoustic set before the band’s show later that evening at Road 34, also in Fort Collins!

We’re working on the details of a few “secret” and special guests! So stay tuned!

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If you are unsure what to expect from this live taping, why not check out our  first episode with TWO COW GARAGE from October! Check out that interview and event at: