More live Mostly Harmless episodes coming soon!!

Buddies! The feedback is in. It seems the LIVE Mostly Harmless with Two Cow Garage wasn’t half bad. (In typical Statler and Waldorf tradition: “It wasn’t half good either!) People seemed to enjoy it and we’re looking to do more!

While the winter months seem to be a time when people want to stay in doors, and relax by a warm fire… We’ll be out there starting our own fires and trying to orchestrate more and more LIVE Mostly Harmless events!

Who do you want to see appear at upcoming live events?!

Check out our Live episode at Mutiny Information Exchange and let us know what you think!

Check out these photos thanks to Tiffiny Kallina from The Ruckus, and stay toooned for more live events!

Special thanks to James Freeman from That’s The Thing About That for recording the audio, and saving the day! Check out his blog for some of the most excellent live “bootlegs” in the business!