04 – THE GAMITS Chris Fogal interview about his early origins, skateboarding, TaunTaun and the Black and Bluhm Recording Studios!

Hello Friends! Today’s episode I talk with CHRIS FOGAL, front man of one of my all time favorite Pop-Punk bands, THE GAMITS. We sit down in the not quite yet finished Black in Bluhm recording studios and talk about the early Gamits years, their unfortunate end, how TaunTaun came into existence, working and starting a recording studio and the rebirth of The Gamits!

Today’s episode also features the Gamits tracks Delusional & The Last of the Mullets!

Pick up the most excellent Gamits split with Red City Radio at:

We talk a lot about streaming music in today’s episode. You can stream The Gamits at: http://thegamits.bandcamp.com/ and TaunTaun at: http://tauntaun.bandcamp.com/


For more information about Chris Fogal and his many, many projects please visit:

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