Hello Friends!

This week is a special episode for me. Growing up, I was a gigantic nerd. I know its hard to imagine… I would sit in my room for hours and hours and amerce myself into the world of Comic Books.

As I grew, so did my tastes in comics. I still like the occasional super hero yarn, but I found myself more into the works of Harvey Pekar, R. Crumb, Jeff Smith and books like Charles Burns’ Black Hole.

The original incarnation of Mostly Harmless Magazine was to combine all my loves of pop-culture into one ‘zine. With this weekly podcast, I hope to do the same. Be on the look out for more and more Film makers, comic book creators, writers and MORE in these upcoming episodes! We’re working on starting a blog to feature non-audio interviews with these guys as well as reviews of their works!

Thanks to Noah Van Scriver for being the first non-musician to be featured in an episode of Mostly Harmless! If you are new to this podcast, check out some of our music episodes. Like us on Facebook and stay tuned! We have a lot more coming, and a lot more up our-sleeves!