03 – VIRGIL DICKERSON talks Life, The Universe and The Everything about Suburban Home Records! Plus the debut of a new Arliss Nancy track!

Virgil and Damian celebrating at the Suburban Home 13th Anniversary Party!

Hello Friends! For today’s episode, I talk with one of my best friends, Virgil Dickerson of Suburban Home Records.  Suburban Home has been around and kicking for 16 long years, and what a ride it has been. I talk with Virgil about his humble beginnings, the near end of the label and the life we’ve lived in between.

Also on today’s episode, we debut a new track from Suburban Home’s newest band: ARLISS NANCY. This never before heard track is off their upcoming Suburban Home debut:  Simple Machines. The track is “Front Seat” and features the vocal talents of Mr. Jon Snodgrass from Drag The River fame.

We also have another exciting track from the upcoming reissue of Lenny And The Piss Poor Boys album. That track is “Lonely Days and Whiskey Nights.”

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  • Your Friend Through Music

    I really liked this interview. Thank you Virgil for all the amazing music you have brought into my life. I remember when I realized that most of the bands I had been listening to were linked to Suburban Home. I now consider myself a “fan” of the label. I do what I can to blog about Suburban Home bands and get the word out about new releases. Looking forward to future episodes Damian.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words and for supporting all the suburban home acts.