Colorado Springs Best of 2012 Award Winning Blogger!!!

Hello Friends!

My name is Damian Alexander Burford and I am the ridiculous host of the Mostly Harmless Podcast.

I am the former publisher of MOSTLY HARMLESS MAGAZINE. I am a freelance writer and have written for AMP Magazine, Hails And Horns Magazine and other smaller zines and blogs.

I am the former Talent Buyer/ Booking Agent for The Triple Nickel Tavern in Colorado Springs. I am a Manager on Duty and Bartender at The Black Sheep in Colorado Springs.

I have tour managed for Drag The River, Austin Lucas, Michael Dean Damron, Jughead’s Revenge, The Nobodys, The Right Aways, and Harrison Bergeron,

I am happy to announce another addition to that list:

It has been a hell of a first year and it has taken me further than I ever thought possible. The people I’ve met, the places I’ve been, the trouble I’ve gotten myself into. Who would have thought just one year ago that any of this would have happened to little ole me?

I’d like to thank Marc Maron from the WTF Podcast and Chris Hardwick from the Nerdist Podcast for filling those hundreds of hours working a bullshit warehouse job with entertaining interviews and reminding me that I was once a damned good punk rock journalist. Thank you Marc Maron for emailing me and letting me in on the secret to your set up.

I owe this all to my friends and family that have recognized what I am doing and believed in me, but most of all I owe it to my special little sister Brittany Burford. I didn’t know it when she died, but her death propelled me on a trip to become something more than what I was.

In this next year, I am going to attempt to continue to build and grow my small little ridiculous show. I’m in the earliest planning stages of a series of LIVE shows with interviews, live music and more. You can look for those in December or early January at the Black Sheep.

And you had better fucking watch out Carrie Isaac from and Whiskey Darling from… I’ve got you both in my eye sights and this time next year.. I’m going to be #1, by a long, long, long shot.

I’ve got some killer things up my sleeves, keep watching. I am going to amaze you all.

-Damian Alexander Burford