28 – TREASURE FLEET interview with Isaac Thotz (Arrivals) and Neil Hennessy (The Lawrence Arms)

My camera broke with the handsomeness that is Neil Hennessy. This photo will have to suffice.

BUDDIES! We’re back after a short hiatus, and boy what a treat do we have for you today!

While in Chicago for Riot Fest, I wanted to do some episodes with folk who we don’t see too much of in Colorado. Talking with my buddy Derek Muller from the Chicago band, Whipped, suggested I talk to Isaac Thotz about his new project: TREASURE FLEET. Isaac of course is the lead singer and guitarist for Chicago’s best kept punk rock secret, THE ARRIVALS. Joining Isaac in the group is an impressive who’s who of the Chicago music scene. We’ve got Neil Hennessy from The Lawrence Arms & Smoking Popes. Mike Oberlin from The Sass Dragons on Drums, Dave Merriman from The Arrivals on Keys and Eli Caterer from the Smoking Popes on lead guitar.

I’m a huge Arrivals fan and fuck YES I would do an interview with Isaac! Emails were sent, dates were set. Then it all fell through and the night before I was to leave town Isaac calls me up. We agree to meet at a last minute A WILHELM SCREAM show at The TOWNSHIP. Isaac feels bad for bailing on our original scheduled interview and invites Neil Hennessy down to join us!

Booze was ingested  Music was watched and interviews happen. I’m super happy with the content we got for this week’s episode and holy shit, Chicago was one hell of an adventure. Fuck New York, screw LA. Chicago is the greatest American city in the US!

Outside in the cold Chicago air, I talk to Isaac Thotz and Neil Hennessy about:

  • The new Lawrence Arms record
  • The future of the Arrivals
  • Isaac and Neil’s introduction to the Chicago music scene
  • Their early bands, meetings and the serendipitous nature of their relationship
  • What makes a band a band
  • The origins of Treasure Fleet and what the Treasure Fleet is

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