45 – FILMAGE Interview! The story of The DESCENDENTS / ALL film. We talk to the filmmakers behind the film!

We join the creators of the Descendents / ALL Documentary, Filmage, after their Fort Collins Premier!

We join the creators of the Descendents / ALL Documentary, Filmage, after their Fort Collins Premier!

This week’s episode sees travel to Fort Collins, Colorado for the FoCo premier of FILMAGE: THE STORY OF THE DESCENDENTS / ALL. The night kicked off with an acoustic set by Mr. Chad Price of Drag The River and ALL’s third singer. Descendents/ALL bass player Mr. Karl Alvarez’s Endless Monster kicks off the jams before a packed house opening up the for the fantastic Documentary.

Fort Collins has been the home base of the band since 1994, and there is no better place to watch the film unfold. The rambunctious, yet captivate audience would abrupt in cheers when their Fort Collins brethren would appear on screen. Filmage is a tight, poignant exploration of The Descendents and ALL while using Bill Stevenson as the focal point and hero of our journey. Tears were shed in the moments when following Bill Stevenson’s battle for life were explored on screen. There was no better place to showcase what will surely be held as one of the best rock n roll documentaries of ALL time.

How do you follow up the excellence and awesomeness of Filmage? The ante has been set with a dual performance of ALL with singers Scott Reynolds and Chad Price in attendance playing their own respective ALL sets.

Then before the dust could settle, a “surprise” guest took the stage. With The Descendents scheduled to play Red Rocks the following night, Milo himself took the stage and the band launched into a short 10-15 minute teaser set. My 16 year old mind had been blown. Sure I had seen The Descendents twice in the last year, but I never thought I would ever have the chance to see them in a small, club like environment. I found myself arm and arm with Red City Radio’s Garrett Dale and us singing out hearts out to the Descendent’s classic: “HOPE.”

While still high on the buzz of the night, we join Filmage film makers, Matt Riggle, Deedle LaCour, Justin Wilson & James Rayburn to talk about their discovery of The Descendents, how their punk rock roots lead them down the road to film making, and how the film came to be!

Stay tuned! In the next few months we’ll be bringing you more interviews from the Descendents / ALL Alumni!

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