76 – CHRIS SHARY interview! We talk to the Descendents/ALL illustrator about finding his way into punk rock, art work and teaching.

DESCENDENTS/ALL artist, CHRIS SHARY, holding his New Noise Magazine interview done by Damian. Now being used on a Podcast interview by Damian. Inception light.

DESCENDENTS/ALL artist, CHRIS SHARY, holding his New Noise Magazine interview done by Damian. Now being used on a Podcast interview by Damian. Inception light.

CHRIS SHARY, the artist extraordinaire for Descendents/ALL is on this week’s episode of Mostly Harmless Podcast!

A few weeks back, I got a chance to interview Chris Shary for New Noise Magazine. The interview went so well, and I enjoyed talking with him so much that I decided to reach out to Chris about doing a shirt for MOSTLY HARMLESS and our table at Denver Comic Con! He accepted, and I wanted to do a Mostly Harmless episode to tie in with his amazing shirt!

We talk to Chris from his Stockton, California home about him finding his way into illustrating, punk rock and teaching. We talk to him about meeting the Descendents/ALL and balacing his career as a teacher and as a prolific and busy artist! All of this and more in this week’s audio adventure!

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45 – FILMAGE Interview! The story of The DESCENDENTS / ALL film. We talk to the filmmakers behind the film!

We join the creators of the Descendents / ALL Documentary, Filmage, after their Fort Collins Premier!

We join the creators of the Descendents / ALL Documentary, Filmage, after their Fort Collins Premier!

This week’s episode sees travel to Fort Collins, Colorado for the FoCo premier of FILMAGE: THE STORY OF THE DESCENDENTS / ALL. The night kicked off with an acoustic set by Mr. Chad Price of Drag The River and ALL’s third singer. Descendents/ALL bass player Mr. Karl Alvarez’s Endless Monster kicks off the jams before a packed house opening up the for the fantastic Documentary.

Fort Collins has been the home base of the band since 1994, and there is no better place to watch the film unfold. The rambunctious, yet captivate audience would abrupt in cheers when their Fort Collins brethren would appear on screen. Filmage is a tight, poignant exploration of The Descendents and ALL while using Bill Stevenson as the focal point and hero of our journey. Tears were shed in the moments when following Bill Stevenson’s battle for life were explored on screen. There was no better place to showcase what will surely be held as one of the best rock n roll documentaries of ALL time.

How do you follow up the excellence and awesomeness of Filmage? The ante has been set with a dual performance of ALL with singers Scott Reynolds and Chad Price in attendance playing their own respective ALL sets.

Then before the dust could settle, a “surprise” guest took the stage. With The Descendents scheduled to play Red Rocks the following night, Milo himself took the stage and the band launched into a short 10-15 minute teaser set. My 16 year old mind had been blown. Sure I had seen The Descendents twice in the last year, but I never thought I would ever have the chance to see them in a small, club like environment. I found myself arm and arm with Red City Radio’s Garrett Dale and us singing out hearts out to the Descendent’s classic: “HOPE.”

While still high on the buzz of the night, we join Filmage film makers, Matt Riggle, Deedle LaCour, Justin Wilson & James Rayburn to talk about their discovery of The Descendents, how their punk rock roots lead them down the road to film making, and how the film came to be!

Stay tuned! In the next few months we’ll be bringing you more interviews from the Descendents / ALL Alumni!


29- SPRINGA from SSDecontrol (SSD) & TONY BRUMMEL (Victory Records) asked me to jump in a cab… Adventures & Interviews Followed.

In the crazy adventures of the night, I forgot to take a photo with Springa. Please except this substitute from Verbicide.com!

In the crazy adventures of the night, I forgot to take a photo with Springa. Please except this substitute from Verbicide.com!

Once upon a time… It was September 2012. I was in Chicago for Riot Fest. I had aquired a three day pass from my good friend Jenn Valdez. I found myself alone for the first night of Riot Fest, wandering the city with only my Google Maps GPS and my handy dandy CTA 7 Day Transit pass.

With the recommendation of my good friend and AMP Magazine Editor, Lisa Root, I decided to go check out the Naked Raygun / Dan Vapid And The Cheats after party. It was there I was fortunate enough to meet my new Best friends forever: Pat Stahl, Mike Whiteman & Kristin Seese. It was there we ended up meeting Bill Stevenson (Descedents, Black Flag, Only Crime) and Zach Blair (Rise Against, Hagfish, Only Crime).

After Naked Raygun’s set we rushed off to find a Pegboy after party at The Liar’s Club, only to find it OVER! I ended up meeting and hanging out with Jeff Tackas from The Rocket Fuel podcast. We slowly ventured off in our own directions, in our own cabs.

I walked up the block to find two strange men waiting on the corner.. Little did I know that was only the beginning of my night… I jumped into a cab with Springa from SSD/SSDecontrol and Tony Brummel, the Owner of Victory Records.

This podcast is of the interview done with Springa. We talked a bit about his past,  Springa Sonic Droogs, his straight edge days, American Hardcore the movie, the ALL AGES Documentary,  and MORE!

Then Tony Brummel turned the microphone on me and started quizzing me on 80’s Wrestling!

This episode is dedicated to Lisa Root, Pat Stahl, Mike Whiteman & Kristin Seese!


Top 10 of 2012 plus Mostly Harmless Podcast Mixtape!

Before I get started here, I’m not a music reviewer. There is a reason I stick mostly to interviews. I’m not really good at explaining the WHY of why I like something. My passions come from a more gut sense of things. Below I’ll try to put into words why I liked these ten records of 2012. Hopefully I convey some idea of why these albums are great and perhaps you will check out the mixtape I’ve made!

All songs count down to Number 10 to #1! You can also find the mix over at Spotify (http://open.spotify.com/user/damian.burford/playlist/3VMXIvPK8apjtI5S19ORzY) or you can download the mix at: http://mostlyharmlesspodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Mostly-Harmless-Best-of-2012.zip

At any time these albums could be switched around, so while this is my top 10 and I spent hours deciding the order, tomorrow it could all change, but still be very relevant.

About my listening process: I have OCD of sorts in that I will listen to an album over and over and over until I get tired of it, or something else comes along to take its place. I tried to order these albums in the order in which they were most listened to, and I also factored in the “Stuck in my head factor,” which is usually what leads me to pull out an album and rock it out again.

Please read, take a listen, and let me know what you think! What did I miss? What were your favorite albums of the year?


23 – THE TOADIES talk early musical years & PLAY. ROCK. MUSIC. Plus UME’s Lauren Larson on learning to play music

One of these things are not like the other!
Vaden Todd Lewis, Dammit Damian and Doni Blair!

That awkward moment when you realize you have been hanging out with a beautiful woman and have something in your beard. With UME’s Lauren Larson


This week on the Mostly Harmless podcast, we have a special DOUBLE EPISODE! Join us today are UME from Austin, Texas and THE TOADIES From Fort Worth, Texas.

Ever since I was 13 years old, The Toadies have always been a popular choice on the FM stations of my hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana. I had become friends with bassist, Doni Blair, when his surf-punk instrumental outfit, The Mag Seven, would play my venue in Colorado Springs. I had been following Doni (and his brother Zach currently of Rise Against) since their early 90’s Pop-Punk band, Hagfish, also from Dallas, Texas. I was delighted to find out one of my favorite musicians was one of the nicest, most welcoming human beings on the planet. Upon the announcement of The Toadies return to Denver, I jumped at the chance to sit down with one of my favorite 90’s rock n roll bands. Thanks to Doni’s grease on the wheels, I was welcomed with warm embrace by both Doni and Toadies singer/guitarist Vaden Todd Lewis. While the Ume sat up and prepared for their sound check, We watched from the balcony of the Bluebird Theater in Denver, Colorado.


20 – THE BOUNCING SOULS talk COMET, adulthood, their 20 year anniversary, and a potential RISE RECORDS side project

The other members of the band couldn’t handle Greg and I’s awesomeness and opted not to be in the photo. Can’t say I blame them.

HELLO FRIENDS! I can’t believe I got to sit down with one of my all time favorite and most influential bands and bullshit with them about life the universe and everything. We begin this interview with Bryan, and slowly but surely all 4 members of the band join us. We talk about adulthood, having kids, day jobs, getting old. We talk about their 20th Anniversary shows and the influence it had on their new album COMET. We talk about Rise Records and Pete talks about the potential BS side project: WHEN THE BATS FLY THROUGH!

Special Thanks to K8 Hiltz from Chunksaah for helping setting this up. K8 is GREAT!
We open up today’s episode with “Baptized,” the first song off COMET. We end the episode with the album’s title track: “Comet.”

In today’s episode we talk a little bit about the interview I did with the Bouncing Souls in 2001 or 2002 on the HOW I SPENT MY SUMMER VACATION Tour. That interview will be at the bottom of this post. Oddly enough, I was 20 years old when I did that interview. This is episode 20 of the Podcast! Woo hoo!

For more information about THE BOUNCING SOULS, please visit:

Bryan Kienlen’s Tattoo Work at:

Pete Steinkopf records at LITTLE EDEN STUDIOS, I couldn’t find a webpage for the studio. Contact Pete at:

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14 – BROADWAY CALLS talks recording their 3rd LP with Bill Stevenson, their hardcore roots, Oregon and their love of Denver

You know.. Just molesting the boys from Broadway Calls. You know how much I love good head!

Hello Friends! This week we meet up with BROADWAY CALLS just hours after they put the finishing touches on their upcoming third LP recorded with BILL STEVENSON at The BLASTING ROOM in Fort Collins, Colorado. We catch up with the boys after their Free Illegal Pete’s show and just hours before the boys hop on a jet plane to Japan to open for THE DESCENDENTS. We chat about the new record, recording with Bill Stevenson. We also talk about the band’s hardcore roots, their home state of Oregon, Their love of Denver and MORE!

Music on This week’s episode are from the bands 2011 EP, “TOXIC KIDS” and includes: “I’m So Ready To Be Done With My 20’s” & “Denver.”

A live video clip of Illegal Pete’s going OFF, taken by Ms. Jacki Vitetta, follows the Jump. Click READ MORE to see the video.

For live photos and more interview goodness check out our buddies at For The Love Of Punk .Com: http://fortheloveofpunk.com/interview-gallery-broadway-calls-at-illegal-petes/

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