29- SPRINGA from SSDecontrol (SSD) & TONY BRUMMEL (Victory Records) asked me to jump in a cab… Adventures & Interviews Followed.

In the crazy adventures of the night, I forgot to take a photo with Springa. Please except this substitute from Verbicide.com!

In the crazy adventures of the night, I forgot to take a photo with Springa. Please except this substitute from Verbicide.com!

Once upon a time… It was September 2012. I was in Chicago for Riot Fest. I had aquired a three day pass from my good friend Jenn Valdez. I found myself alone for the first night of Riot Fest, wandering the city with only my Google Maps GPS and my handy dandy CTA 7 Day Transit pass.

With the recommendation of my good friend and AMP Magazine Editor, Lisa Root, I decided to go check out the Naked Raygun / Dan Vapid And The Cheats after party. It was there I was fortunate enough to meet my new Best friends forever: Pat Stahl, Mike Whiteman & Kristin Seese. It was there we ended up meeting Bill Stevenson (Descedents, Black Flag, Only Crime) and Zach Blair (Rise Against, Hagfish, Only Crime).

After Naked Raygun’s set we rushed off to find a Pegboy after party at The Liar’s Club, only to find it OVER! I ended up meeting and hanging out with Jeff Tackas from The Rocket Fuel podcast. We slowly ventured off in our own directions, in our own cabs.

I walked up the block to find two strange men waiting on the corner.. Little did I know that was only the beginning of my night… I jumped into a cab with Springa from SSD/SSDecontrol and Tony Brummel, the Owner of Victory Records.

This podcast is of the interview done with Springa. We talked a bit about his past,  Springa Sonic Droogs, his straight edge days, American Hardcore the movie, the ALL AGES Documentary,  and MORE!

Then Tony Brummel turned the microphone on me and started quizzing me on 80’s Wrestling!

This episode is dedicated to Lisa Root, Pat Stahl, Mike Whiteman & Kristin Seese!

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