30 – TURBONEGRO’s TONY SYLVESTER discusses his early beginnings and how they lead to his rise as the new singer of Turbonegro in this in-depth interview

Who want's to go first? The Duke Of Nothing takes center stage with the newest incarnation of TURBONEGRO.

Who want’s to go first? The Duke Of Nothing takes center stage with the newest incarnation of TURBONEGRO.

“Sometimes dead is better…” is the lesson we’ve come to learn from Stephen King’s Pet Semetary, but try telling that to Turbonegro. Before the death rattle could settle in the Oslo, Norway death punk band’s throat, they have pounced back from extinction. But with any resurrection, there are bound to be some unexpected changes.  This interview was originally published in AMP Magazine Issue #111. 

During the summer of 2012, I found myself suddenly unemployed and with a plethora of time on my hands. I sent my good friend and then AMP Magazine editor, Lisa Root, an email begging for work to fill the unlimited hours I possessed. Of the initial pitch list she purposed to me, only one band intrigued me: TURBONEGRO.

I’d become a fan of their album Apocalypse Dudes thanks to its never ending plays on my former employer, The Triple Nickel Tavern’s Jukebox. I was intrigued by the band’s reformation with a new vocalist, Tony Sylvester and his serendipitous destiny to become the front man of the almighty TURBONEGRO.

I chatted with Tony via Skype from his London home. He’s a charming man with a big blusterous laugh and a certain gravitas that keeps you intently listening. While the piece works well in print, this was an interview meant to be HEARD! Sit back and listen to Tony talk about his humble punk rock beginnings and how those beginnings lead him to becoming the president of the UK Turbojuegend Fan club and then into infamy as the lead singer of Turbonegro. Tony also talks about their newest album, Sexual Harassment, filling Hank Von Helvette’s very large shoes and MORE!

If listening is not your thing, you can read the entire interview at AMP MAGAZINE.

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