I’m sitting in a busy, but oddly empty coffee shop on West Fulton Street in Chicago. It is called Jupiter Outpost. The barista is a beautiful young lady who looks like she could be Zoey and Emily Deschannel’s other sister. She’s wearing a sun dress although the day is overcast, cold and dreary. She’s a ray of sunshine, and I can’t take my eyes off her. God damn!

I’m excited about this week’s episode! Talking with BILL GRAHAM from SKA BREWING about his early years and how throwing caution to the wind became their recipe for success has inspired me. It is not a big leap, but when you are living on unemployment… Spending any money not on living usually is. I’ve preordered Pint glasses. I’ve always wanted Mostly Harmless Pint Glasses. I love the cocept of drinking a mostly harmless beverage out of a glass that says MOSTLY HARMLESS! Order them now at our webstore. Save a few bucks and help fund my eating and drinking in Chicago! 

This trip is off to a fantastic start. I have not been to Chicago since I was 14 years old on a high school orchestra trip. It was on that trip that as Jake Shaver and I were exploring the hotel grounds, that we saw a young ladies breasts for the first time in real life. We talked about that moment a hundred times over the next few high school years. It was a memorable trip. Hell, it was that trip that I got over my fear of loop roller coasters! How? The cute girl in class, who i was madly in love with.. Was getting on the ride and I did not want her to think I was a wuss!

So far, I’ve checked out a ton of the usual punk rock dive bar spots. I’m blocks away from the Bottom Lounge and Cobra Lounge. I ate one of the most delicous hamburgers of my entire life at Kuma’s. All metal burgers all the time! I had the High on Fire, while Derek enjoyed the Led Zeppelin. I don’t remember much of the end of that first night, except I’m acumulated to high altitude and we’re not suppose to get drunk at sea level… And I got smashed.

Last night I learned the intimate details of the Chicago train and bus system. Thanks to Google Maps app on my cellphone telephone, it made navigating easy and FUN! I found my way to and from Beat Kitchen with ease. I met up with my friend Adi and watch an El Paso band called The Royalty. Killer indie rock with killer legs.

Now I’m sitting here with a dilemma of what to do tonight, the first official night of Riot Fest. We’ve got Frank Turner blocks away from the apartment. Alkaline Trio/Brendon Kelly, Bob Mould (Which I can’t afford so I’m not going… bummer.), Offspring/Pegboy (meh), Pallbearer/Royal Thunder (a good little train, then bus ride…) Decisions, Decisions.

Life is great. It’s hard to believe how incredible this year has been, and how it has all happened… and I couldn’t have done it with out you guys. Stay tuned for a Riot Fest wrap up episode next week. I had a ton of interviews planned, but nothing has quite worked out. We’ll see what we can make happen this weekend! wooooo!!!