Here We Go!

We’re back baby! I took a few weeks off from the podcast. No real reason for the break, but it was nice. There just have not been that many shows coming through the area that I could attend that I was interested in doing interviews for.  It was a nice little break, but thank god we are back! Nothing like four weeks off to recharge and remember why you do this in the first place, right?

I turn 31 on Friday, August 3rd. On Saturday, August 4th, We are doing a LIVE MOSTLY HARMLESS PODCAST at the Triple Nickel Tavern in Colorado Springs with Arliss Nancy.  We had The Lusitania from El Paso booked, but sadly they could not make it. Maybe we’ll have another special guest or two as well!

All i want for my 31st birthday is to finally break 1,000 downloads/Listens for Mostly Harmless in the first week. We’ve had some GREAT episodes and we’ve broken a ton of website records week after week, but I’ve yet to have an episode hit 1,000 downloads the first week. Let’s see if we can do that for the BOUNCING SOULS episode! Please share, share, share!

And to top things off, We have a special GIVEAWAY thanks to our friends at CHUNKSAAH Records. We’re giving away a LP of The Bouncing Souls’ new record: COMET! Maybe we’ll get lucky and have some more goodies thrown in as well! Check out that contest at:

I’ve had a handful of articles published at AMP MAGAZINE and a ton more in the works. Check them out!
Tony Sylvester from Turbonegro
Ray from Teenage Bottlerocket