Helllooooooo Denver!

Hey gang! After 12 years of talking about it… I’ve finally moved up I-25 from Colorado Springs to Denver, Colorado! It was a super stressful move, and I’m still looking for employment, but I’m glad it is finally done!

What does that mean for Mostly Harmless? More episodes! From now until the end of the year expect an episode a week. Hopefully living in a bigger city with more access to musicians, artists, film makers we’ll be able to keep up with an episode a week until the end of time!

Also, I’m jumping back into the Concert production and promotion game. I have a few meetings in the next couple of weeks, but you should start seeing the same quality of concerts I brought to the world while running The Triple Nickel Tavern in Colorado Springs.

To top all of that off…. I’m working on our first LIVE Mostly Harmless Podcast taping! Details are forming now, but it looks like we’ll be doing it in the middle of October!

I’m excited and I feel like this move was the best thing for me and this show! I can’t wait to see what we (you and I) can make happen next!