Busy. Busy. Busy.

The website has been quiet these last few weeks. Its been about a month since the Red Fang episode hit the web, but that does not mean I haven’t been working.

My first article for AMP MAGAZINE, an interview with Trapped Under Ice guitarist Sam Trapkin about his rock n’ roll band: Diamond (or DMND), hit their website on Friday. You can check it out here:http://www.ampmagazine.com/38517/diamonds-sam-trapkin-talks-about-their-debut-vinyl-diy-filmmaking-recording-with-paul-leavitt-and-their-plans-for-the-future-by-damian-burford/

I have an interview with Teenage Bottlerocket about their new album as well as a very in dept interview with Tony Slyvester, the new lead singer of Turbonegro. Those should be in the next print issue as well as the website, soon!

All that and I’m planning the first ever Mostly Harmless Live show for August 4th at the Triple Nickel Tavern in Colorado Springs. It will be my 31st birthday. I always throw one hell of a party for myself, and why not record the insanity for prosperity!  So far the guest for the show are Arliss Nancy from Fort Colllins, Colorado and The Lusitania from El Paso, Texas. We’re still working on the other acts for the night, but expect drunken debauchery, live interviews AND live music!

I also helped set up a short Colorado run of dates for Mr. Shane Sweeney of Two Cow Garage and Todd May from the Mooncussers. Check him out July 11th at Moe’s BBQ in Fort Collins with Arliss Nancy; July 12th at the Triple Nickel Tavern in Colorado Springs; and July 13th at The Lion’s Lair in Denver, Colorado! Expect a podcast next week with Shane!

People freaking LOVE our Koala bear logo. My good buddy, ZAK KINSELLA, designed the exploding bear six years ago! He’s recently launched a comic book, MIDSPACE, with writer Nick Salmon. Its a space themed comic, heavily influenced by Joss Wheadon and Firefly! Check out previews and find out how to order the book at: http://www.zakkinsella.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/MidspaceComic Expect an upcoming episode with those two creators in the near future!

Don’t forget you can PURCHASE one of our Koala Bear shirts at our store: http://mostlyharmlesspodcast.bigcartel.com/ The quality shirts were printed by none other than CHAD PRICE of Drag The River / ALL fame and his company Wounded Heart Press! Check them out for high quality, low cost shirts, hats, coozies and more! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  www.woundedheartpress.com

So as you see, the website has been a little slow going, but behind the scenes I’m a busy, busy guy! I post this every update, but I have some cool stuff I’m really excited about for the future of the show. We’ve got some great interviews booked. We’ll soon be announcing our new sponsor! So keep checking back each wee for MORE, MORE, MORE cool stuff!