Boatless Booze Cruise

I just got home from working a Sunday night local Juggalo show. Now, if you don’t know what a Juggalo is, I envy you. They are the children of America who have fallen through the cracks. They are the reason why drugs should remain illegal in the country. I’m all for legalizing marijuana, but I really do think its making the children of these subcultures stupider. I mean, White boy reggae is fucking huge right now, and I blame marijuana on that… What the fuck is wrong with the people these days….

So my brain hurts and i need to shower off the disgusting-ness of the night. I’m sitting here drinking a mighty fine Santa Fe Brewing Company Imperial Java Stout. My buddies Chuck Ragan and Austin Lucas are playing on the record player. I’m racking my brain for what to write for this week’s blog. I didn’t even write on last week. So let’s just write about what i know. I know me.

Thursday night i sat off to Fort Collins, Colorado to see this week’s special guest Mr. Brendan Kelly.  I drive a 1991 Honda Civic station wagon. Its beat to hell. It snowed in Colorado Springs that Thursday afternoon and i tweeted, “My car may look like Danny Trejo, but it drives like Ryan Gosling.” I thought it was clever, but of course the damned car broke down a meer 30 miles away from Fort Collins.

I sat in my old roommate Paul’s apartment in Denver. He went to bed early, and I sat in his living room drinking whiskey by myself. This calm, cool feeling came over me and the words of Douglas Adams rang in my head:  “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”

Life is funny and weird and if you listen it will tell you its secrets. I was lucky enough to hear it. I spent that night in Denver reading Brendan Kelly’s wonderful little blog, The Bad Sandwhich Chronicles. I listened to the Broadways and I just fucking had a great time hanging out by myself.

All because my car broke down and I spent hours reading about Brendan. I got what i think is the BEST episode of this show yet. I made the best of it, and we got the best results.

I’m a lucky man. I hope you enjoy this week’s show. I want to break some of my own personal records with this show. You can find me on twitter at: , I know its not much, but I’m going to give away two or three Mostly Harmless shirts. All you have to do it Retweet the tweet i posted right here:!/DammitDamian/status/174064259406381056

I’m working on something for Facebook as well. Still trying to figure that out, but Retweeting is quick, easy and painless… And you might get a cool t-shirt (screen printed by Mr. Chad Price from ALL/Drag The River and his shop, Wounded Heart Press!)

If you like what you hear, spread the word. Thanks buddies!