92 – CHRIS FOGAL Interview on DWAYNE’s debut LP, Black In Bluhm’s success and more!

The puppet master, Chris Fogal, at work in Black In Bluhm studios in Denver!

The puppet master, Chris Fogal, at work in Black In Bluhm studios in Denver!

CHRIS FOGAL! In this week’s interview we join The Gamits front man at his recording studio, Black In Bluhm, to talk about the studio’s success, Denver at large and his new band: DWAYNE’s self-titled debut on Paper + Plastick!

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We’re happy that to have Fogal return to the show. We talked about Fogal’s origins, The Gamits & more in Episode 4 waaaay back in 2013!

In this week’s interview we join Fogal back at Black In Bluhm after 3 and a half years to talk about his success as an engineer & musician, if he’s a workaholic & The Denver Scene at large! We also talk about Dwayne, Fogal’s new band with Andy Tanner (Laymen Terms), Michael Marti (Sweden’s Goodbye Fairbanks & Midrake) Andy Tomas (Only Thunder/Tin Horn Prayer) & touring drummer Justin Forrest (Dirty Few & many more)! All of this and more in today’s audio interview!

This episode features the tracks “Be With Me” & “I’ma Going To Hell,” both from the self-titled debut from Dwayne. Available now from Paper  + Plastick.

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Stream the record from New Noise Magazine: http://newnoisemagazine.com/exclusive-listen-dwaynes-self-titled-album-full/
Purchase the record from: http://paperplastick.limitedrun.com/products/542535-dwayne-dwayne-12-inch-vinyl-record

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While not mentioned in the episode, don’t miss Midrake; Michael Marti’s Swedish band with Fogal on Drums! Find them at: http://www.facebook.com/1234midrake