42 – COMEDIAN KYLE KINANE INTERVIEW about Punk Rock, The melding of music and Comedy, BMX Bicycles, Do It Yourself mentality, drinking and more!

Kyle Kinane and Damian, aka Beauty and the Beast; backstage at Comedy Works in Denver!

Kyle Kinane and Damian, aka Beauty and the Beast; backstage at Comedy Works in Denver!

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For years my former roommate, and Mostly Harmless Theme song composer: Jarrod Moore; has been singing the praises of stand up comedian Kyle Kinane. Jarrod and Kyle were fortunate enough to have worked together at a Los Angeles close captioning facility for Television shows. They would go see each other perform and became friendly.

Years go by and I hear about Kyle Kinane more and more from my friends across the country, but it wasn’t until Kyle’s performance at last year’s FEST in Gainesville, Florida that I finally took notice to the rising comedian. Quickly I fell in love with his self depreciating sense of humor, and his love of late night drunken food. We are kindred spirits.

For those of you not familiar with Kyle, he is the voice of Comedy Central. He’s also had a critically acclaimed stand up special on the channel called: Whiskey Icarus, that aired earlier this year. You may have even caught him in his star making appearance on episode #2 of Comedy Central’s DRUNK HISTORY, in which Kinane attempts to tell the tale of the Haymarket Riots. Kinane has also made appearances on Conan O’Brien, as well as opened many shows for Patton Oswalt.

Today we join Kyle in the greenroom of Comedy Works in Denver. We sit back and chat about becoming a “Punk Rock” comedian of sorts, his D.I.Y. roots as well as his discovery of music and comedy all in one swoop. Not only that, we talk about BMX, Drinking, his failed Comedy Central pilot and oh so much more!

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