22 – JOYCE MANOR talks Punknews Album of the year, How Bowling created their band, Their current wild ride, and where it will take them

Joyce Manor

Joyce Manor + Fireball Whiskey = Wild nights are calling!

HELLO FRIENDS! Holy crap guys! We have the winner’s of the coveted PUNKNEWS ALBUM OF THE YEAR FOR 2011 on today’s show!!

This is quite possibly my favorite episode yet. We just sit back and have a blast bullshitting about life the universe and everything. I think you’ll have a blast listening!

This episode is sponsored by ASIAN MAN RECORDS!

On today’s episode we talk about:

  • The Dangers of drinking Fireball whiskey and wrestling women.
  • Their earliest childhood influences.
  • How bowling factors into their origin story.
  • What sets them apart from other pop-punk bands
  • What it was like winning Punknews.org album of the year
  • Self loathing and its role in the lyrical content
  • Pinching themselves while on this incredible journey
  • How to stay Honest
  • And their politics on the future of their band!

This episode contains LIVE TRACKS recorded at the Blast-O-Mat in Denver. I have no idea what the names are of these songs are, but I’ll figure that out and post them here. The entire interview and live tracks were recorded on an Zoom H1 Handy Recorder.

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  • Gregory Conway

    First sing us constant headache off their self-titled, thanks for sharing1

  • Billy

    Song 1: Constant Headache
    Song 2: 21st Dead Rats
    Song 3: Constant Nothing
    Song 4: Five Beer Plan

  • Daniel

    I was at this show up front shouting Constant Headache into the microphone with Barry. Great fucking time.