122 – David Williams, bestselling photographer of Men With Cats! Live from Tattered Cover

davidwilliams - men with cats01

DAVID WILLIAMS, the author/photographer of the New York Times Bestselling book, Men with Cats is the guest on this week’s Mostly Harmless Podcast! This was a LIVE recording of a Q&A hosted at the Tatter Cover in Denver!

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I first became familiar with David and his work through our hundred thousand mutual friends! I had become a big fan of the music video David directed for the band Sleeping Weather, not to mention his most excellent portrait work! Even better, David and I had previously been published together a few years earlier in New Noise Magazine issue #2! My interview with the Fort Collins band ELWAY was accompanied by David’s photo of the band for the article!

Right around Thanksgiving, I finally met David in real life at Mutiny information cafe in Denver. His brother’s band Caskitt was in town playing a show and David and his whole family were in attendance. I introduced myself, mentioned that I occasionally hosted live events and that if he was interested in a Men with Cats book release party and Q&A I’d love to host it and help set it up and pretty much the rest was history!

Music from today’s episode includes the tracks, “Friday Night Lightwieghts” from Caskitt and their 2015 release, This Machine Kills Sadness; as well as the track. “I’ll find a way,” by Sleeping Weather from their split 7″ with Placeholder. Watch the David Williams directed video for “I’ll Find a Way,” at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-QnB22Kv-8


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90 – Mostly Harmless Live with IAN DOUGLAS TERRY, ZAK KINSELLA & SLEEPING WEATHER! Brought to you by Ratio Beerworks!

"Dammit Damian, You're drunk! Get off the stage!" Mostly Harmless Live Talk Show #01

“Dammit Damian! You’re drunk! Get off the stage!” Mostly Harmless Live Talk Show #01

MOSTLY HARMLESS LIVE IS BACK! This is the first episode of our new run. Recorded in front of a “studio” audience at Mutiny Information Cafe in Denver! In this episode, we are joined by comedian Ian Douglas Terry, Comic artist Zak Kinsella & musical guest: Sleeping Weather to discuss unrequited love and those early school boy heartbreaks that made us the “Men” we are today! We also make a mixtape and play a rousing game of “Who said it? Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage or Rosie O’Donnell!”

This episode is brought to you by Ratio Beerworks & Death Wish Coffee!

This live event features stand up by Ian Douglas Terry, plus a musical set by Sleeping Weather. Purchase Sleeping Weather’s newest seven inch at: http://sleepingweather.bandcamp.com/merch Visit Ian Douglas Terry’s bandcamp at: http://iandouglasterry.bandcamp.com/

This episode was recorded on a Zoom H1 handheld mic after the laptop crashed.

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22 – JOYCE MANOR talks Punknews Album of the year, How Bowling created their band, Their current wild ride, and where it will take them

Joyce Manor

Joyce Manor + Fireball Whiskey = Wild nights are calling!

HELLO FRIENDS! Holy crap guys! We have the winner’s of the coveted PUNKNEWS ALBUM OF THE YEAR FOR 2011 on today’s show!!

This is quite possibly my favorite episode yet. We just sit back and have a blast bullshitting about life the universe and everything. I think you’ll have a blast listening!

This episode is sponsored by ASIAN MAN RECORDS!

On today’s episode we talk about:

  • The Dangers of drinking Fireball whiskey and wrestling women.
  • Their earliest childhood influences.
  • How bowling factors into their origin story.
  • What sets them apart from other pop-punk bands
  • What it was like winning Punknews.org album of the year
  • Self loathing and its role in the lyrical content
  • Pinching themselves while on this incredible journey
  • How to stay Honest
  • And their politics on the future of their band!

This episode contains LIVE TRACKS recorded at the Blast-O-Mat in Denver. I have no idea what the names are of these songs are, but I’ll figure that out and post them here. The entire interview and live tracks were recorded on an Zoom H1 Handy Recorder.

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