104 – Soul Asylum members Dave Pirner & Michael Bland (Prince) talk punk rock, origins and getting off the couch! Also featured Comic artist Sean Tiffany

Soul Asylum sand-wish as 14 year old Damian freaks out, haning out with Dave Pirner & Michael Bland (Who is also PRINCE's drummer!)

Soul Asylum sand-wish as 14 year old Damian freaks out, haning out with Dave Pirner & Michael Bland (Who is also PRINCE’s drummer!)

SOUL ASYLUM! WHAT?!? Damian’s favorite band from when he was 14 is this week’s special guest! Damian hangs out and chats with Soul Asylum frontman Dave Pirner and drummer Michael Bland about their early origin stories, how they found their paths, destiny and the importance of getting off the couch! Michael Bland also talks about how he came to be Prince’s drummer in 1989 and more!

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Also in this episode is Soul Asylum fan and fantastic artist, Sean Tiffany! Tiffany is the mastermind behind Oil Can Drive, a futuristic band in space comic book series! Tiffany has also worked for Marvel comics, Time Magazine and Sports Illustrated! This interview was recorded at Denver Comic Con!

This episode features the songs, “HOPE” & “Misery,” from Soul Asylum’s 1995 record Let Your Dim Light Shine. (Hope is a little heard Descendents cover from the Japanese release of the record!)

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