103 – JEFF ROSENSTOCK talks We Cool? Starting a new band, being 30, the end of Bomb the Music Industry and more!

JEFF ROSENSTOCK approves of Damian's birthday drunk chat show in Denver!

JEFF ROSENSTOCK approves of Damian’s birthday drunk chat show in Denver!

YES! JEFF ROSENSTOCK! The onetime madman behind BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY talks to us today about his new self-titled band and the new record, WE COOL? Not only that, Damian gets birthday drunk and chats with Jeff about Zines vs Podcasts, turning 30, Getting off the couch, being a lifer in music, The Bomb documentary and so much more!

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This episode features the songs, “Hey Allison!” & “Nausea,” from Jeff Rosenstock’s record WE COOL? out now on SideOneDummy Records and Quote Unquote Records!

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