46 – MURDER BY DEATH Interview! Adam Turla talks his love of survival novels, his affection for 80’s movies and how he learned how to create music!

Adam Turla from Murder By Death braved the flooding Colorado Landscape only to find himself in the company of this guy...

Adam Turla from Murder By Death braved the flooding Colorado Landscape only to find himself in the company of this guy…

We’re BACK! After a short hiatus and a quick move to Denver, Colorado.. We’re back and better than ever! From now until the end of the year, expect a new episode every week!

This week we join Adam Turla from Murder By Death in the alleyway of The Bluebird Theater in Denver. It was Friday the 13th, and what a hell of a day. The Colorado landscape was ravaged by record breaking rainfall. Many people lost their homes and some even lost their lives due to the flooding. Many of the weekends events were cancelled or put on hold.

Many of those in attendance at the evenings show had themselves been displaced and were looking for distraction. Dedicated to their fan base, Murder By Death took what should have only been a ten hour drive from Salt Lake City to Denver and rerouted their trip all the way to Nebraska just to make it to the show!

We join Adam an hour later than scheduled for a short, but deep introspective on the musician’s early years. We focus on his early love of adventure books, 80’s films and learning to play & write music! Before we ended the conversation, we shift gears to also talk their connection to fans and their Kickstarter for BITTER DRINK, BITTER MOON!



42 – COMEDIAN KYLE KINANE INTERVIEW about Punk Rock, The melding of music and Comedy, BMX Bicycles, Do It Yourself mentality, drinking and more!

Kyle Kinane and Damian, aka Beauty and the Beast; backstage at Comedy Works in Denver!

Kyle Kinane and Damian, aka Beauty and the Beast; backstage at Comedy Works in Denver!

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For years my former roommate, and Mostly Harmless Theme song composer: Jarrod Moore; has been singing the praises of stand up comedian Kyle Kinane. Jarrod and Kyle were fortunate enough to have worked together at a Los Angeles close captioning facility for Television shows. They would go see each other perform and became friendly.

Years go by and I hear about Kyle Kinane more and more from my friends across the country, but it wasn’t until Kyle’s performance at last year’s FEST in Gainesville, Florida that I finally took notice to the rising comedian. Quickly I fell in love with his self depreciating sense of humor, and his love of late night drunken food. We are kindred spirits.

For those of you not familiar with Kyle, he is the voice of Comedy Central. He’s also had a critically acclaimed stand up special on the channel called: Whiskey Icarus, that aired earlier this year. You may have even caught him in his star making appearance on episode #2 of Comedy Central’s DRUNK HISTORY, in which Kinane attempts to tell the tale of the Haymarket Riots. Kinane has also made appearances on Conan O’Brien, as well as opened many shows for Patton Oswalt.

Today we join Kyle in the greenroom of Comedy Works in Denver. We sit back and chat about becoming a “Punk Rock” comedian of sorts, his D.I.Y. roots as well as his discovery of music and comedy all in one swoop. Not only that, we talk about BMX, Drinking, his failed Comedy Central pilot and oh so much more!


33 – POLAR BEAR CLUB’s Jimmy Stadt talks his early musical influences, and how acting and the art of becoming some else takes stage! All this and more!

Damian's beard has a life of its own! Damian's fighting it because it desperately wants to  make out with Jimmy Stadt from Polar Bear Club!!

Damian’s beard has a life of its own! Damian’s fighting it because it desperately wants to make out with Jimmy Stadt from Polar Bear Club!!


Polar Bear Club are one hell of a band. Jimmy Stadt, lead singer du tour of PBR is on hell of a guy. I joined Jimmy backstage at the band’s April 10th stop at The Fillmore Auditorium with Bad Religion and The Bronx. I had known from previous interviews that Jimmy was super intelligent, well spoken young man. I was thrilled to find out how well we got along and the magnus opus of an interview that followed.

Jimmy and I spoke for almost two hours. I chatted with Jimmy for forty-five minutes before we even turned on the microphone. We talked about Podcasts, the art of doing an excellent interview and our love of Chuck Ragan and Hot Water Music. All this was before we turned on the microphone to discuss Jimmy’s early discovery of music. As well as how Jimmy turned a love of being on stage as an actor in plays to being the frontman of The Polar Bear club. Not to mention we talk about the things he has learned from his acting experience apply to his stage persona and songwriting talents.

This interview is a little over an hour long, and every second is oozing with intellegent interview goodness! Thank you to Skotty Bell for helping to make this interview happen and thank you to Jimmy for participating!



20 – THE BOUNCING SOULS talk COMET, adulthood, their 20 year anniversary, and a potential RISE RECORDS side project

The other members of the band couldn’t handle Greg and I’s awesomeness and opted not to be in the photo. Can’t say I blame them.

HELLO FRIENDS! I can’t believe I got to sit down with one of my all time favorite and most influential bands and bullshit with them about life the universe and everything. We begin this interview with Bryan, and slowly but surely all 4 members of the band join us. We talk about adulthood, having kids, day jobs, getting old. We talk about their 20th Anniversary shows and the influence it had on their new album COMET. We talk about Rise Records and Pete talks about the potential BS side project: WHEN THE BATS FLY THROUGH!

Special Thanks to K8 Hiltz from Chunksaah for helping setting this up. K8 is GREAT!
We open up today’s episode with “Baptized,” the first song off COMET. We end the episode with the album’s title track: “Comet.”

In today’s episode we talk a little bit about the interview I did with the Bouncing Souls in 2001 or 2002 on the HOW I SPENT MY SUMMER VACATION Tour. That interview will be at the bottom of this post. Oddly enough, I was 20 years old when I did that interview. This is episode 20 of the Podcast! Woo hoo!

For more information about THE BOUNCING SOULS, please visit:

Bryan Kienlen’s Tattoo Work at:

Pete Steinkopf records at LITTLE EDEN STUDIOS, I couldn’t find a webpage for the studio. Contact Pete at:

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16 – CORY BRANAN talks “Mutt,” Bloodshot Records, His Early influences, and his live shows Vs. Albums

Cory, Jesus called. He says you can keep the look. It looks better on you!

Hello Friends! We are back after taking a week off! This week we join Cory Branan at The Revival Tour in Denver, Colorado. I jump on the bus and talk to Cory about his newest record, “Mutt.” We talk the recording process. we talk his live show vs his albums. We talk about his David Letterman appearance, why it took him so long to release his new album and why he signed to Bloodshot records, his early influences and oh so much more! Cory Branan liked to TALK! (He’s also easy on the eyes!)

We open up the episode with the track “BAD MAN” from his upcoming Album: “MUTT.” Out May 22nd on Bloodshot Records.
We close the episode out with a LIVE recording of Cory Playing at Uncommon Ground in Chicago in 2007. The full recording can be found at: http://archive.org/details/CoryBranan-UncommonGround-Chicago-42107

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14 – BROADWAY CALLS talks recording their 3rd LP with Bill Stevenson, their hardcore roots, Oregon and their love of Denver

You know.. Just molesting the boys from Broadway Calls. You know how much I love good head!

Hello Friends! This week we meet up with BROADWAY CALLS just hours after they put the finishing touches on their upcoming third LP recorded with BILL STEVENSON at The BLASTING ROOM in Fort Collins, Colorado. We catch up with the boys after their Free Illegal Pete’s show and just hours before the boys hop on a jet plane to Japan to open for THE DESCENDENTS. We chat about the new record, recording with Bill Stevenson. We also talk about the band’s hardcore roots, their home state of Oregon, Their love of Denver and MORE!

Music on This week’s episode are from the bands 2011 EP, “TOXIC KIDS” and includes: “I’m So Ready To Be Done With My 20’s” & “Denver.”

A live video clip of Illegal Pete’s going OFF, taken by Ms. Jacki Vitetta, follows the Jump. Click READ MORE to see the video.

For live photos and more interview goodness check out our buddies at For The Love Of Punk .Com: http://fortheloveofpunk.com/interview-gallery-broadway-calls-at-illegal-petes/

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Laura Stevenson And The Can's Mike Campbell

Laura Stevenson really liked this photo. Mike Campbell and Damian didn’t like it as much, but we know women are always right.

We are a day late on this week’s episode. Why? If you listened to the Brendan Kelly episode you’ll know my 1991 Honda Civic 4 Wheel Drive Station wagon broke down on the way to Fort Collins. I missed a secret interview we had planned with an almighty enigma.

I almost pushed this episode back a week, but I knew you rabid fans would not be happy with waiting a week for the next episode of the BEST PUNK ROCK-ISH PODCAST IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!

We talk the origins or Laura’s songwriting abilities, her school career, Bomb the Music Industry, Her namesake, Sxsw and MORE! We even talk about the band’s new album and they EXCLUSIVELY announce the title of their new album.

I did another drunken introduction. Its pretty ridiculous. You can skip right on ahead to 8:25 and skip me rambling about how much I love Laura’s feet, that i have never seen.

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Mike has a Tumblr with awesome bathroom wall scribblings. http://agoodtimecall.tumblr.com/

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04 – THE GAMITS Chris Fogal interview about his early origins, skateboarding, TaunTaun and the Black and Bluhm Recording Studios!

Hello Friends! Today’s episode I talk with CHRIS FOGAL, front man of one of my all time favorite Pop-Punk bands, THE GAMITS. We sit down in the not quite yet finished Black in Bluhm recording studios and talk about the early Gamits years, their unfortunate end, how TaunTaun came into existence, working and starting a recording studio and the rebirth of The Gamits!

Today’s episode also features the Gamits tracks Delusional & The Last of the Mullets!

Pick up the most excellent Gamits split with Red City Radio at:

We talk a lot about streaming music in today’s episode. You can stream The Gamits at: http://thegamits.bandcamp.com/ and TaunTaun at: http://tauntaun.bandcamp.com/


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