RISE AGAINST – Flashback #02 – Two Early era interviews with Rise Against about The Unraveling, Revolution Per Minute, Fat Wreck Chords, 88 Finger Louie and MORE!

More from our “Flashback” series. Interviews that took place BEFORE the podcast began. The majority of these Flashback interviews were done for the Mostly Harmless magazine we ran once upon a time.

Originally posted on Bandcamp.com to give people a general idea of what was to come with The Mostly Harmless Podcast, and to maybe even raise some money for equipment and beers. Also, I just wanted some time on a Microphone and get to use talking into a microphone in my small apartment.

These early interviews with Rise Against were taken very early on in their career. The first one was done in either late August or very, very early in September of 2011 (before the September 11th tragedies.) The interview was conducted outside Tulagi’s in Boulder, Colorado on the band’s FIRST Colorado show.

On April 23rd, 2003 we sat down and did the second interview in the basement of the long defunct 32 Bleu in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The show was on the night their second CD, REVOLUTIONS PER MINUTE, hit stores.

You’ll hear a very young, ignorant dumbass kid ask stupid questions, but you’ll hear of the humble beginnings of what would one day become one of the largest bands in the world.


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