06- FRANK TURNER discusses his secret origin, world domination and the siege of Wembley.

Frank Turner is a giant. Frank Turner has a posse!

Hello Friends! For today’s episode I made the 6 hour trek to Albuquerque, New Mexico to catch Frank Turner opening for the almighty Social Distortion! Frank was kind enough to sit down with me and talk about his early music years and the roads that brought him to becoming a singer song writer. We talk about his upcoming plans for world domination and the daunting task of filling London’s Wembley Stadium.

I ramble about seeing Chuck Ragan play a “Secret show” at Marion Street Tattoo in Denver as well as life and death and why I’m willing to rent a car and drive to Albuquerque to do an interview..

Special thanks to Frank’s tour manager and all around great guy, Mr. Casey Cress for helping to set this interview up!

Songs played during today’s episode are “Photosynthesis” from LOVE SONG AND IRE as well as “Big Rock in Little Rock” off the Jon Snodgrass/ Frank Turner collaboration BUDDIES.
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