95 – IAN DOUGLAS TERRY talks Crom Fest, Punk rock beginnings, THE FEST’s Comedy Stage and doing Comedy his own way!

Ian Douglas Terry and Dammit Damian holding each other up outside 3 Kings Tavern in Denver

Ian Douglas Terry and Dammit Damian holding each other up outside 3 Kings Tavern in Denver

This week’s interview is comedian IAN DOUGLAS TERRY! We join the comedian in the basement of 3 Kings Tavern to talk about IDT’s upcoming Crom Comedy Festival! We also talk about all the COOL SHIT that IDT does, not to mention his punk rock past, love of wrestling and it’s influence on his comedy. We talk to Ian about his comedy style, adventures and how goes against the traditional comedy path to go his own way.

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We also talk to Ian about THE FEST comedy shows that he books for the Gainesville punk rock festival and how The FEST influence Ian’s own Crom Fest; which in turn influenced Denver’s High Plains Comedy Festival!

All of this and oh so much more in this week’s extra long episode. Don’t miss CROM FEST May 22nd-24th in Omaha & May 29th – 31st in Denver! More information at: http://cromcomedyfest.com/

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Listen to Ian Douglas Terry on Mostly Harmless Live at: http://mostlyharmlesspodcast.com/90-mostly-harmless-live-with-ian-douglas-terry-zak-kinsella-sleeping-weather-brought-to-you-by-ratio-beerworks/