85 – Darius Koski from SWINGIN’ UTTERS interview with Special Guests LAGWAGON!

40oz of Awesomeness with Darius Koski from The Swingin' Utters with special guest apperances from Chris Flippin, Joe Raposo and Joey Cape from Lagwagon!

40oz of Awesomeness with Darius Koski from Swingin’ Utters with special guest appearances from Chris Flippin, Joe Raposo and Joey Cape from Lagwagon! Artwork by Nick DiFabbio!

Darius Koski from Swingin’ Utters is today’s guest, with special appearances from Chris “Big Bitch” Flippin, Joe Raposo and Joey Cape from Lagwagon! We join Darius on the Lagwagon tour bus to talk about his early musical memories, origins, as well as Fatherhood, his upcoming solo record and why Swingin Utters have been hitting it so hard these days. The interview devolves into a fun chat with Darius and Lagwagon about their first alcoholic drinks and malt liquor! All of this and MORE in today’s super fun audio interview!

This episode features the tracks “Fistful of Hollow,” and “Agonist” from Swingin Utters’ Fistful Of Hollow and “Reign,” from Lagwagon’s Hang. Both out now on Fat Wreck Chords.

Thanks for Nick Difabbio aka Ghostfreehood for the killer artwork. Check out his art at: http://www.mysweetwretch.com/

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Don’t miss my interview with Joey Cape & Chris Cresswell about One Week Records at: http://mostlyharmlesspodcast.com/78-joey-cape-lagwagon-chris-cresswell-the-flatliners-and-brian-wahlstrom-scorpios-discuss-one-week-records/


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