55 – AMERICAN SHARKS INVADE DENVER! Interview at the Ogden Theater, we speak with the band about their partying ways and their current trajectory!

Shark attack from American Sharks backstage at the Ogden Theater in Denver!

Shark attack from American Sharks backstage at the Ogden Theater in Denver!

AMERICAN SHARKS join us for an interview from the backstage of the Ogden Theater, while on tour with CLUTCH! We speak with the band about their hard living, partying ways and how they decided to put those ways behind them for success! We talk about the stresses of being on a big tour, what they have learned from bands like THE SWORD, life on the road and oh so much more in today’s podcast!


This episode features, “Iron Lungs” and “Overdrive” from 2013’s self titled album: AMERICAN SHARKS.


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