112 – Jim Norris – Founding owner of Denver’s 3 Kings Tavern & Mutiny Information Cafe

JIM NORRIS is a Denver legend! Jim has worked in the Denver music scene for over 20 years, starting with Denver’s No One In Particular Presents & The Bluebird before becoming one of the original Kings of 3 Kings Tavern over ten years ago. This weekend marks 3 King’s Ten Year Anniversary and Jim is leaving 3 Kings Tavern but not the scene he loves so dearly. As a co-owner of Mutiny Information Cafe and a co-founder of Denver’s DINK or Denver Independent Comic and Art Expo, Jim has huge plans for Denver and the surrounding arts scene and we talk about some of those plans today, as well as Jim’s past and path, how he became so integral and how you can be just as integral in your own scene. All of this and more in today’s podcast!

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Music included in today’s episode includes songs from Whiskey Kiss & White Fudge (who are performing at 3 King’s 10 year anniversary party this Friday, January 8th!)

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