114 – Tin Horn Prayer – The “final” interview, Tin Horn Prayer talk about the origins of the band, the passing of Mike Herrera & Camden Trendler & recording the Love Under Will EP

TIN HORN PRAYER. Over the course of several beers at Cerebral Brewing, Tin Horn Prayer members Andy Thomas, Eric Epling, Scooter James, Ethan Steenson, Dan Gilbert get together one more time to tell the stories of Tin Horn Prayer’s journeys; the untimely passing of members Mike Herrera & Camden Trendler and joining forces once again to record the final Tin Horn Prayer EP, Love Under Will

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Music included in this week’s episode are the tracks, “All Good Wayfaring Sons,” & “Once More” from Love Under Will Ep; as well as the “Tin Horn Prayer” cell phone demo by Dan Gilbert.

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52 – NATIVE DAUGHTERS interview! Members of the band discuss their early musical obsessions, growing up in the Colorado music scene, the end of Mustangs and Madras and the world of Native Daughters!

Native Daughters at the Hi-Dive as captured by their friend "Oscar." Photo stolen from Facebook.

Native Daughters at the Hi-Dive as captured by their friend “Oscar.” Photo stolen from Facebook.

NATIVE DAUGHTERs members Justin Hackl, Thomas Chagolla , and Eddie Maestas-Vigil join us for this week’s Mostly Harmless. We also debut “Happy New Year Nurse” from the band’s upcoming EP!

I’ve been fortunate enough to have known Justin Hackl since 2008, when I witnessed Only Thunder open for Hot Water Music on their reunion tour at the Gothic Theater. Justin’s future band mates, Mustangs and Madras would also join in the supporting duties.

While working at The Triple Nickel Tavern in Colorado Springs, and booking Only Thunder, I became fast friends with Justin and the band’s many members. Since their demise, I have kept a close eye on Justin and his many projects, but none as close as his newest project: Native Daughters.

The Denver five-piece is remarkable in that it features two drummers, both front and center of the band. It reminds me of the old Nickelodeon cartoon, DOUG in which he starts a band with two drummers. Only with Native Daughter’s it is not a gimmick. It is a well orchestrated musical entity all on its own. Each member plays a separate part, and becomes a separate organ working to keep the larger entity alive.

That’s not all that makes this band special. We join the band at 3 Kings Tavern in Denver to talk with three of the five pieces members about their early musical obsessions. We also talk to the boys about the influence of the Colorado music scene on their early endeavors, the end of their former band and the beginning of Native Daughters. All of that and More!

Plus we debut a new song, “Happy New Year Nurse,” from their upcoming three song EP!

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