109 – BOB SUREN Author of Crate Digger, Founder of Burrito Records & Sound Idea Record Store

This week’s guest is BOB SUREN! Bob Suren is the author behind one of my favorite book discoveries this year, Crate Digger, out now on Microcosm Publishing. The book is about his early childhood discoveries of punk rock, how that discovery became an obsession. He tells the stories of how he opened Sound Idea in Brandon, Florida and Burrito Records out of that same shop; not to mention how he met and fell in love with his wife in those hallowed halls.    Bob was recently in Denver to promote Crate Digger, and this interview was done at the 7th Circle Music Collective. This episode also includes exerts from the Crate Digger audio book, also out on Microcosm Publishing.

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14 – BROADWAY CALLS talks recording their 3rd LP with Bill Stevenson, their hardcore roots, Oregon and their love of Denver

You know.. Just molesting the boys from Broadway Calls. You know how much I love good head!

Hello Friends! This week we meet up with BROADWAY CALLS just hours after they put the finishing touches on their upcoming third LP recorded with BILL STEVENSON at The BLASTING ROOM in Fort Collins, Colorado. We catch up with the boys after their Free Illegal Pete’s show and just hours before the boys hop on a jet plane to Japan to open for THE DESCENDENTS. We chat about the new record, recording with Bill Stevenson. We also talk about the band’s hardcore roots, their home state of Oregon, Their love of Denver and MORE!

Music on This week’s episode are from the bands 2011 EP, “TOXIC KIDS” and includes: “I’m So Ready To Be Done With My 20’s” & “Denver.”

A live video clip of Illegal Pete’s going OFF, taken by Ms. Jacki Vitetta, follows the Jump. Click READ MORE to see the video.

For live photos and more interview goodness check out our buddies at For The Love Of Punk .Com: http://fortheloveofpunk.com/interview-gallery-broadway-calls-at-illegal-petes/

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