83 – Sharkanoid! Dan Potthast (Mu330) & Rick Johnson (Mustard Plug) chat about their new project!

Dammit Damian in a Rick Johnson & Dan Potthast Sharkanoid bunny sandwich!

Dammit Damian in a Rick Johnson & Dan Potthast Sharkanoid bunny sandwich!

This week’s interview is with DAN POTTHAST from Mu330 and RICK JOHNSON from Cold War Studios & Mustard Plug! They  join Damian at the Gothic Theater in Denver, Colorado to talk about their new Pop-Punk concept album, Sharkanoid and how Guided by Voices inspired the creation of this record.

Rick spills the beans on why Ian Graham from Cheap Girls is no longer employed by Mustard Plug, and the two reflect on their first meetings, their first record purchases, adult jobs and real life, tour life and more! Dan talks about jumping into the Mustard Plug van and Rick tells us about the wait behind the new Mustard Plug record, Can’t Contain It!

This episode features the tracks, “Pillow Fight,” & “Fall Into Shame”  from Sharkanoid’s Have A Great Summer. 

You can download the episode from Itunes at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/mostly-harmless-with-dammit/id439812373


61 – THE FRONT BOTTOMS Interview! The band talk to us about their rapid rise to success, Tumblr, Songwriting, their origins and so much more!

In a basement of blood with The Front Bottoms! (L to R Ciaran O'Donnell, Damian, Tom Warren, Kylie from The Wild and Brian Sella)

Zach Galifianakis’s stunt double & The Front Bottoms at the Aggie Theater in Fort Collins! (L to R Ciaran O’Donnell, Damian, Tom Warren, Kylie from The Wild and Brian Sella)

This week’s interview is with New Jersey’s THE FRONT BOTTOMS! We meet with Brian Sella, Tom Warren & Ciaran O’Donnel in the basement of the Aggie Theater in Fort Collins to talk to the band about their origins, their rapid rise of success, Tumblr, Connecting with a younger audience, song writing and oh so much more! This episode also features an expert from their headlining set in Fort Collins!


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This episode opens with “Skeletons” from their 2013 release, Talon of the Hawk. The episode closes out with an exerpt of their live show from the Aggie Theater. The songs included are “Maps” from their 2011 Self Titled LP and “Twin Sized Mattress” from 2013’s Talon Of The Hawk!

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39 – LUTHER’s Nick Harris talks Life and Death, Musical journeys, The Bouncing Souls and Unravel the mysteries of the universe!

Beard Snuggles with Nick Harris from Luther!

Beard Snuggles with Nick Harris from Luther!

Today’s episode brings you the last of our three part series of interviews while on tour sabbatical in New York City! And BOY what an epic episode we bring you this week with one of our favorite humans, Nick Harris from the Philadelphia band: LUTHER.

This interview has been in the works for nearly a year and a half, but finally far away from both of our homes we meet up in New York where Luther was opening for Anti-Flag, celebrating their 20 year anniversary.

We wandered across the street from Webster Hall to a loud sports bar and continued to inject large amounts of beer. We proceeded to talk about the origins of Nick’s Musical career. We talk about a life or death situation that brought the band closer together and with a more intent sense of purpose. Not to mention we talk about The Bouncing Souls, Chunksaah Records, and all while trying to unravel the mysteries of the Universe! CLICK HERE TO READ MORE & DOWNLOAD/LISTEN AND CLIPS

36 – Make Do and Mend’s James Carroll talks his early musical upbringing in Connecticut and how all roads led to Make Do and Mend.

James Carroll, Lead Vocalist and guitarist for Make Do and Mend on the streets of New York City with some cracked out homeless kid with a microphone!

James Carroll, Lead Vocalist and guitarist for Make Do and Mend on the streets of New York City with some cracked out homeless kid with a microphone!


I’m currently tour managing Arliss Nancy from Fort Collins, Colorado. I procrastinated long enough and did not get my passport in time to join the band in Montreal for Pouzza Fest. What did I do instead? I went to visit friends and family in New York City! While I was there I managed to do a few interviews!

The first of those interviews was with James Carroll, lead vocalist and guitar player for Make Do and Mend. We talked a bit about life, the universe and everything, but mostly we sat down and talked about the singer’s early upbringing in Connecticut, how he ended up in Boston as well as how Make Do and Mend came to life and their joining into the ranks of superlabel: Rise Records.

This interview was done at the Knitting Factory in New York on the first night of their month long tour with Cheap Girls and Diamond Youth.


Top 10 of 2012 plus Mostly Harmless Podcast Mixtape!

Before I get started here, I’m not a music reviewer. There is a reason I stick mostly to interviews. I’m not really good at explaining the WHY of why I like something. My passions come from a more gut sense of things. Below I’ll try to put into words why I liked these ten records of 2012. Hopefully I convey some idea of why these albums are great and perhaps you will check out the mixtape I’ve made!

All songs count down to Number 10 to #1! You can also find the mix over at Spotify (http://open.spotify.com/user/damian.burford/playlist/3VMXIvPK8apjtI5S19ORzY) or you can download the mix at: http://mostlyharmlesspodcast.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Mostly-Harmless-Best-of-2012.zip

At any time these albums could be switched around, so while this is my top 10 and I spent hours deciding the order, tomorrow it could all change, but still be very relevant.

About my listening process: I have OCD of sorts in that I will listen to an album over and over and over until I get tired of it, or something else comes along to take its place. I tried to order these albums in the order in which they were most listened to, and I also factored in the “Stuck in my head factor,” which is usually what leads me to pull out an album and rock it out again.

Please read, take a listen, and let me know what you think! What did I miss? What were your favorite albums of the year?


12 – CHEAP GIRLS Discuss RISE RECORDS, Recording with TOM GABEL, Their origins and their hometown of Lansing, Michigan! PLUS BONUS LIVE RECORDING!

Hanging with the CHEAP GIRLS. Yes, I am grabbing Ian's ass.

Hanging with the CHEAP GIRLS. Yes, I am grabbing Ian’s ass.

HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FRIENDS! I’m super excited to have with us my best good friends CHEAP GIRLS. As I talk about in the intro, These guys were the support band for my first Drag The River tour. We drank, we smoked, we partied hard for those two weeks and became fast, fast friends. I’ve watched them grow from a small little garage band into a fan favorite. Definitely a band to watch especially if you are into 90’s Alternative pop ala THE REPLACEMENTS, SMOKING POPES & THE LEMONHEADS. These guys are taking that style and introducing it to a whole new generation of kids!

We sit in the basement of the Marquis Theater in Denver, Colorado. We sit back and talk about their new record, GIANT ORANGE, their somewhat controversial decision to sign with RISE RECORDS, recording with AGAINST ME’s TOM GABEL as the producer, Their hometown of Lansing, Michigan and just how they got into the music they play! Its fun. Its exciting and you can hear in the background The MENZINGERS, SIDEKICKS and ELWAY laughing, goofing off and having a great time.

We have a special TREAT as well. We have off their new album and opening the intro is “RUBY” from GIANT ORANGE. Then at the end of the episode we have an almost ten minute excerpt from their LIVE SHOW at the MARQUIS! Those songs include: “NO ONE TO BLAME” From their debut album, FIND ME A DRINK HOME. Followed by “SUNNYSIDE” from MY ROARING 20’s and “MERCY GO ROUND” from GIANT ORANGE wraps things up!

After the show, I followed the band to Fort Collins, Colorado. They spent the night at the Arliss Nancy/Elway CHOWDER HOUSE from Episode Seven. IAN was kind enough to play a few acoustic songs for me, and I recorded them on my cellphone telephone camera! Those songs are “CORED TO EMPTY” from GIANT ORANGE & “HEY HEY I’M WORN OUT” From MY ROARING 20’s! You can find that video by clicking “READ MORE” at the bottom of this post!

For more information about CHEAP GIRLS please visit:
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