134 – MEAT WAVE talk about working with Steve Albini, Growing up in the Chicago area & what makes MEAT WAVE tick.

"Dammit Damian! You're drunk again! Stop punishing Meat Wave!"

“Dammit Damian! You’re drunk again! Stop punishing Meat Wave!”

MEAT WAVE are this week’s special guest on Mostly Harmless Podcast!

We journey into the vast brewhouse of Ratio Beerworks, to drink beers and chat with Chicago’s MEAT WAVE before their sold out show that evening with PUP at the Marquis Theater in Denver!

Click here to watch the MEAT WAVE Ratio Sessions from Feb 2016.

In this laid back chat we talk to the Chris, Joe & Ryan about growing up in the Chicago Suburbs, what makes Chicago so great, how they tick and more! They spill some of the goods on their upcoming record record, working with Steve Albini and what they hope for the future! All of this and more in today’s chat!

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105 – REEL BIG FISH & MAD CADDIES interviews at Ska Brewing 20th Anniversary Party!

Damian ventures to Durango Colorado for the Ska Brewing 20th Anniversary Party, drinks too much and chats with REEL BIG FISH's Matt & Bill as well as Dustin and Graham from MAD CADDIES!

Damian ventures to Durango Colorado for the Ska Brewing 20th Anniversary Party, drinks too much and chats with REEL BIG FISH’s Matt & Bill as well as Dustin and Graham from MAD CADDIES!

HAPPY 20th SKA BREWING!! A few weeks back I traveled to Durango, Colorado for the best damned beer festival in the United States, the Ska Brewing 20th Anniversary Party & Brewers Invitational! I decided to commemorate the experience by interviewing Mad Caddies & Reel Big Fish at the Festival!

Since we were at a beer festival, drinking BEER, you’ll never guess what we talked about! BEER! First beers, favorite beers, making beers and more and more sudsy talk!

These interviews were also videoed and posted to YouTube so that you can watch Damian make an ass out of himself instead of just listening! You can find the Mad Caddies interview at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XuPhncFAdU
Reel Big Fish interview: (Will be online later this week.)

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88 – Denver’s Dirty Few get clean about their origin story & Ratio Beerworks talks beers, punk rock and conquering Denver’s crowded beer scene!

dirty few web

This week’s episode features interview with Denver’s DIRTY FEW & Ratio Beerworks!

Please welcome our newest sponsor, RATIO BEERWORKS! We chat with founders Jason zumBrunnen & Zach Lowery tell us why Denver needs another brewery, how they work their punk rock origins into the Ratio & their upcoming grand opening on Saturday February 14th! Don’t miss the upcoming Mostly Harmless Live Talk Show Variety hour on Thursday Feb 12th & taste some of their delicious beverages for FREE!

We then meet up with Denver’s most notorious party band, DIRTY FEW and chat about going to military school, smoking weed, Louisiana living, moving to Denver and van trouble on tour. Most importantly we talk about their newest record, Party Or Don’t, out February 19th & 20th at the Hi-Dive Denver! Don’t miss my other interview with the band and album stream at Vice Magazine’s Noisey Blog: http://noisey.vice.com/blog/dirty-few-party-or-dont-album

This episode features the tracks “Been Drinking”  from the upcoming Party Or Don’t LP out Feb 19th on Black In Bluhm! You can pre-order the record at: http://blackinbluhmmusic.bandcamp.com. The episode also features the track “I Wanna Party With You” from the Get Loose, Have Fun LP.

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The interview with Reel Big Fish had a BEARDS ONLY policy!

Drinking Straight from the source with Bill Graham from Ska Brewing in Durango, Colorado

Hello Friends! This week’s episode my old roommate Sean Neu and I travel to southern Colorado to the wonderland that is Durango! We were there to celebrate 17 years of Ska Brewing. While there, we had several wild nights on the town, met a ton of wonderful people and most importantly: We drank a TON of BEER!

I’m a gigantic fan of craft beers. I’ve been wanting to interview more and more small craft breweries. I’ve emailed dozens of small Colorado Breweries, but I’ve not yet gotten a response… Until now! Bill Graham, Co-Founder of Ska Brewing enthusiastically wrote back. As the gates opened up and the crowd flowed into the Ska Brewing festival, Bill was kind enough to take me and Sean on a small, personal tour of the grounds. He stopped and talked to us briefly about the breweries early beginnings and punk rock ethos.

Then we are joined by the bearded members of REEL BIG FISH in a hidden back room on the Ska Brewing facilities. Dan Regan, Ryland Steen, Matt Appleton  and I talked about their early musical studies and what bands changed their lives. We discuss how their musical instruments found them, why Ska music is making a comeback, and if it ever really went away. Not to mention we talk about their new album: Candy Coated Fury and the recording process is with the well oiled machine of Reel Big Fish.

Thanks to Durango for all the wonderful hospitality. The Hometown Hostel was wonderful, as was the dive bar: El Rancho. Ska Brewing’s 17th anniversary party was the best Beer fest I’ve ever been too. Make sure you check it out next year! I will!