Damian Alexander Burford, and his submission to Playgirl. He is still eagerly awaiting their call.

“Damian’s interviews on the Mostly Harmless Podcast aren’t generally filled with boring stock interview questions—if you’re wondering if the band has any crazy tour stories or what their contemporary influences are, you’ve come to the wrong place. Damian has a knack for getting bands to open up about topics normally not covered in an average interview, and his tenacity, gently applied through a veneer of down-home humor and benign weirdness, sets the Mostly Harmless Podcast apart from the overcrowded podcast community. The best interviewers are those that are truly curious and voracious about their research, and Damian fits that description. His self-imposed weekly update schedule had yielded an impressive collection of episodes and a strong following of listeners.” – Bryne Yance of BFG PR

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” -Douglas Adams


Hello Friends. My name is Damian Alexander Burford and I have bitch tits.

I currently live in Denver, Colorado. I write for New Noise Magazine and I tour manage for Arliss Nancy from Fort Collins. In my spare time I work as a cashier at an upscale grocery store that specializes in Organic products.


In my past, I lived in Colorado Springs for 12 years. There I was a manager & Bartender at The Black Sheep for two years. Before that I worked three years as the booking Agent for Triple Nickel Tavern in Colorado Springs. I’ve also toured with Drag The River, Two Cow Garage, Michael Dean Damron, Austin Lucas, Harrison Bergerson and The Rightaways. But before all that, I was a Zinester.

I wrote for KGB Propaganda out of Shreveport, and created Mostly Harmless Magazine in 2005. Mostly Harmless was a newsprint zine with 1,000 issue print run. We had enough materials to make at least four issues, but the zine folded after two issues. We simply could not get the advertising to keep going.

Fast forward to now. I’ve been listening to hours and hours podcasts, more specifically WTF With Marc Maron, The Nerdist with Chris Hardwick, and This American Life. I went searching for Music podcasts in the same vein. Simple conversations getting to the root of these people, but at the time there was very little out there…

I was on tour with Drag The River and Austin Lucas in March of 2011. We found ourselves in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the home Stephen Egerton from The Descendents/All, having a 3am BBQ. We were drinking whiskey and I was listening to Stephen and Austin talk about how vast an influence X, The band, was on their lives and careers and when meeting X, both at young ages, albeit different times in their lives. Those meetings made profound influences on where they would take their careers and lives.

I remember sitting there on this porch kicking myself for not having a tape recorder, recording this wonderful conversation. I wanted nothing more than to share this to the world, and here I was sitting in one of my heroes homes… I was getting to be a part of their world. I wanted more of that feeling.

Born out of the long dead ashes of my old zine, MOSTLY HARMLESS MAGAZINE, I began transferring old interviews from old cassette tapes to Mp3s. I began to piece the old interviews together with new introductions and posted them online for the world. Hoping to use this as a springboard to launch my new podcast project. We’ve jumped in head first into the cold water. I’m lucky I have a lot of buddies in the world, listening to this podcast you’ll get to meet them, and we’ll get to meet many new people along the way…

Thanks for listening. Thanks for being a part of this journey.